The Jar of Squalor

When our oldest son was a baby, he attended a wonderful in-home family daycare. I remember the daycare provider commenting, without hyperbole, that she could feed a third-world country daily on what she swept off of her kitchen floor. I saw her sweep it once. She was right! I was remembering last night as I … Continue reading The Jar of Squalor

Soup is not a finger food… or IS it?

"Wildscribe" over at suggests that, armed with little more than a regular kitchen strainer, soup can, in fact, be a "great finger food" for your tots! And here I have been fervently preaching the use of utensils. Kinda shoots holes in the premise of my blog, doesn't it? Please, check it out, but shhhh … Continue reading Soup is not a finger food… or IS it?