Soup is not a finger food… or IS it?

“Wildscribe” over at suggests that, armed with little more than a regular kitchen strainer, soup can, in fact, be a “great finger food” for your tots! And here I have been fervently preaching the use of utensils. Kinda shoots holes in the premise of my blog, doesn’t it?

Please, check it out, but shhhh – let’s keep this between us. I don’t want my boys finding out about this. OK? Thanks x 1,000!

2 thoughts on “Soup is not a finger food… or IS it?

  1. EVERYTHING is a finger food to my two year old grandson. And when he does use utensils, the results are still iffy at best.

  2. Zenyenta: Yes, it’s cute as a button at two; but much less so at 12 and 9, which are the ages of my older two sons! The three year old gets a pass though.

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