Things you’ll never hear me say

I was chatting with a friend recently. HE was talking about cleaning the bathroom. As in, HE was cleaning the bathroom. Himself. With bleach! I mused that my dear husband has probably never begun a sentence with, "So ,the other day? When I was cleaning the bathroom, with bleach?..." I shared this thought with my … Continue reading Things you’ll never hear me say

How to cook ravioli (in 23 easy steps)

Tonight’s dinner is coming straight from the freezer and the pantry. Except for the freshly-grated parmesan cheese (because there are no green cans of cheez allowed in my fridge), it’s all coming from jars, cans, or plastic bags. I enjoy cooking, but this isn't really cooking. It’s more like heating up. The jars and bags … Continue reading How to cook ravioli (in 23 easy steps)

Back to your future?

Have you seen the car insurance commercials where the people are getting into their cars and saying things like, "today, I will be hit broadside by a drunk driver." There's one guy on that commerical who, as he is strapping a CHILD into a child car seat, matter-of-factly predicts the accident he'll be in later … Continue reading Back to your future?