Dear D.C. DMV:

I sent this letter today to the DC DMV. Actually, not the DMV, but the collections group to which they outsource the harassment of citizens notification of unpaid citations.  This relates to a ticket from September 2001.  Yes, as in 6 1/2 years ago.  We last heard from our Friends in May 2005 and I thought I finally had things resolved.  I thought wrong. Tell me, do you think the sixth letter will do the trick?


Dear Friends:

It’s been a long time! I thought you had forgotten about me.  I just received your notice dated March 28, 2008, regarding the above-referenced citation that dates back 6½ years.    Frankly, I thought my five previous attempts to correct this erroneous notice had finally worked!  Imagine  my surprise when I received your letter the other day.

The purpose of this letter is not to appeal the citation, but to provide proof – again – that we actually PAID this  citation in October, 2001. After you review it, I’m sure you will agree and we’ll be able to put this matter behind us.

Along with the copy of your most recent notice, I have enclosed copies of every response to previous attempts to collect a fine which we have already paid.  Please review the following:

Enclosure #1.    Copy (front and back) of check #580 written on 10/22/01 for $45. The original fine was $30, but we paid it late, so we submitted $45. DC DMV cashed our check, but apparently FAILED TO APPLY IT to the above-referenced citation.
Enclosure #2. Letter to DMV dated 4/28/02. My first request to have the fine we paid credited to this citation.
Enclosure #3. Second request for the same, sent in August 2002.
Enclosure #4. Third request for same, dated February 5, 2003.
Enclosure #5. Fourth request for same, dated May 20, 2003.
Enclosure #6. Fifth request for same, dated April 13, 2005.

As you can see, we have long ago satisfied the fine for the infraction that occurred in September 2001. Again, we are not appealing the ticket itself. We are simply trying to demonstrate that the original fine, along with the late penalty, was indeed PAID, as our check was cashed by the DMV.  This collection notice is in error, and the DMV should update its system to reflect having accepted our payment towards citation #543536103.

I’m sure you can understand how frustrating this has been. If you can just notify the DMV to update their records so that you can stop trying to collect a fine that has already been paid, I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much for your help!



3 thoughts on “Dear D.C. DMV:

  1. ha ha ha ha. i have sooo been here. my biggest victory of the like, to date. Winning back my $29.99 from verizon for the phone line they installed that NEVER (repeat NEVER) worked. It also took about 100 calls, ( seriously more than 10), a dozen or so emails and finally FINALLY a fabulous fabulous angel, Roberta. Thank you Roberta, thank you!

    and good luck with dmv and co.

  2. Wow..$30 or even $45 is a bargain as far as citations go. I know that’s off the point, but I’m really impressed. There is nothing you can do here, in the most local, dinky little town that isn’t going to cost at last 50 to start and in NYC – Fuggedaboudit! Three figures for even thinking about parking where they have decided that it’s illegal to do so on a given day.

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