Gin & Tonic people of the world, unite!

Someone ended up on my blog yesterday by using these 3 search terms:

how to mix a gin and tonic 1
gin and tonic drinking glass 1
gin as a healing drink 1

Well. I suppose it could have been more than one person, but coincidence? I think not.

Just in case you missed it, keep this handy clip ‘n’ save guide to the perfect gin and tonic handy. Maybe attach it to your bottle of gin with a rubber band or something.

Hey you – yes, you with the gin & tonic in your hand – make yourself known! Leave a comment! We’re all friends here.

3 thoughts on “Gin & Tonic people of the world, unite!

  1. Gin as a healing drink?? Lol…

    I actually just emailed your perfect gin and tonic recipe to an alco-phile (as opposed to alcoholic…although I can’t really see the difference sometimes) friend of mine. Although he has been swearing by Bulldog gin lately and not sapphire. Then again lately he’s just been swearing. Ok, I’ll stop… :)

    Has anyone here ever gotten alcohol through the mail? Some brands, like bulldog, aren’t available everywhere but places like beekman liquor will ship to CONUS…it’s getting more popular but I just haven’t quite mustered up the energy to make that plunge. Are you a strictly local buyer, soup?

  2. I’m a big fan of Gin and Tonic.

    If there are any excursions organised that involve drinking some Gin and Tonics, let me know.

    Is there a mailing list?

    BTW, I found you via the Gin tag.

    I’m off now to check out and print out your recipe for the perfect G&T.

    Thank you.

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