We’re down two kids…

To celebrate the beginning of summer vacation, our two oldest boys are spending this week in PA with my mom and stepfather. She’s quite the rockin’ granny – it’s not every boy whose grandma picks him up in a convertible white Mustang… with the top DOWN. That’s just the kind of thing the boys will share as a highlight when they reunite with their friends: “And she revved the engine and we were going so fast!”

Meanwhile, our three-year-old has temporarily become an only child. He misses his brothers but seems to be enjoying having us all to himself. And we are enjoying having him all to ourselves as well.

Twelve years ago, we brought our first baby home and we began keeping track of who had baby duty and who got to go out for exactly how many hours without the wee one. There was almost this unspoken tally: “But you got to go grocery shopping last week! It’s my turn to run errands without the baby!”

Baby number two joined his older brother two years and three months later. All of a sudden, we’re playing man-to-man D, in over our heads, but it’s fine. Fun, even! I distinctly remember one time, oldest son went with Daddy for an outing and I was left at home with “only” one kid. Instant reality check: I only thought I was overwhelmed back when we had just the one tot. After having two little ones, caring for one was a piece of cake! Here, please tie this arm behind my back, because I can be a mom just like… this.

That’s kind of how I feel this week. We’ve ALL been looking forward to the end of school and the start of summer… but it feels funny to have only one boy running around the house. There’s no one to scold for playing too much PS2 or computer games and are you still IM’ing your friends, I told you to stop that an hour ago, and clean up those crumbs and wrappers, does the living room look like a garbage can to you, and I just washed and folded your clothes, the least you can do is put them away, and did you walk your dog yet? and would you please keep an eye on your little brother for just two minutes, and —

None of that is happening this week. We’ve switched from a zone defense back to man-to-man, and guess what?

It’s disorienting.

But not as disorienting as next week will be, because next week? The three-year-old joins his brothers at their other grandparents’ home. Our house will be kid-free for SIX DAYS until we head north again to retrieve them all. There will be no Hot Wheels cars in the kitchen. No dirty clothes on the floor next to the hamper. No unflushed toilets or empty TP holders. No one to nag to brush their teeth, or when was the last time you showered, anyway? No Spongebob or demands for yet another Pixar movie. No one interrupting our conversations. NO CRUMBS!

The quiet will, I’m certain, be deafening.

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “We’re down two kids…

  1. OK, I’m sure you’ll find something to keep you entertained in all that quiet. If you don’t, you’ll be kicking yourself later.

    Much later in life Mr. Yenta and I had short periods when the nest was empty. We didn’t know they were going to be short. We thought they represented permanent transitions. By the time we got used to it and started thinking in terms of peace and quiet instead of “too quiet” the nest would start filling up again. I guess you gotta enjoy it while you can – the quiet and the chaos, right?

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