Did you think I was kidding?

I snapped this photo tonight. No, it isn’t staged. It’s exactly what it appears to be, just as it was happening:

I kid you not: That’s my middle son, who will be ten years old in one month, eating ramen noodle soup, WITH HIS FINGERS! Obviously, I need to come up with a new approach for my manners training, because my rally cry seems not to be working.

However, if you doubted that I make this stuff up, or suspected that my blog name was based on nothing? GUESS AGAIN, for my life is proof that truth is stranger than fiction.

Thanks, Son, for providing Mommy with perfect blog fodder this evening!

5 thoughts on “Did you think I was kidding?

  1. …It’s the 21st century, eating ramen noodles with your fingers is now considered an art form… ;o)


  2. ha ha ha. bravo! Dear Soupy Meg, I have a question. Are burrito fillings a finger food? That is, if a piece of your burrito falls on your burrito wrapper – is one allowed to pick it up and eat it? they are, right? Right??? Like a big piece. like of steak!

  3. Wash, absolutely, I can say as the arbiter of what is and is not to be considered “Finger Food,” burrito filling as you describe it would qualify. With the exception, perhaps, of a squirt of sour cream or a shred of cheese. But a big piece of steak? For sure!

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