My Guitar Hero is ten years old today!

As if our weekend wasn’t busy enough, our middle son turned 10 today. So, after all the hubbub with my own big day, we shifted gears to celebrate with the younger generation.

On Sunday afternoon, we took leave of our senses the Birthday Boy and six buddies to the ice skating rink, where it was refreshingly January-cool inside. Our son has been playing ice hockey for a few years, but the rest of the boys were novices. Nevertheless, they patiently waited while we laced up all seventy-two of their skates, and were all really good sports as they graduated from clinging to the wall to venturing towards the center of the ice.

Afterwards, because we are gluttons for punishment slow learners the best parents ever, we took the whole gang to Five Guys for burgers and fries. We managed to cling to our sanity just long enough to deliver the obnoxious little squirts our son’s buddies back to their homes. Afterwards, guess what? Say it with me: Mommy and Daddy needed a cocktail.

Today was the Birthday Proper. Son requested chicken & broccoli, Chinese-style, and rice for dinner. I had whipped up a Funfetti cake (because nothin’ says party like confetti baked right INTO your cake!) and wrote TEN on the icing in colorful sprinkles. It was well-received, although everyone — even the kids — agreed that the idea of cake is more tantalizing than is actually eating it. Think about it. Every gathering where cake is served, no one wants a big piece. “Oh, just a sliver for me, please! No, no – half that size.”

Once the children were sufficiently amped up on sugar, we busted out the marquis birthday gift: Guitar Hero III for the PS2. As I write this, the Birthday Boy is heading steadily upwards through the learning curve as he happily hammers out the soundtrack from our youth. He’s banging out “Talk Dirty To Me” (it’s just another proud parenting moment in our house) and the crowd on the game is going wild! Except, they just cut him off in the middle of the third verse. Bummer, dude.

So, that’s all the birthdays in our family for a while. The next one will be in January, when the three year old will round the corner to four. We’re ready to coast through August, with a trip to the beach and some other roadtrips filling the weeks until school resumes.

Happy birthday, Son! – I was very proud of how well you managed your crowd of pals, the extent to which you included everyone and encouraged them all to keep trying to skate, to get up and not get frustrated. Boogers and farts and burps aside, it really was fun to watch you enjoying your moment with the guys. You’re becoming quite the little dude, Boss. Your blue eyes make me melt today just the same as they did the first time I laid eyes on you in 1998. You’re pleasant, funny, fun to be around, a wonderful big brother, and a fine younger brother, too. You are all that to me, and so much more.

How lucky am I? I’m so glad I get to be your mom.

7 thoughts on “My Guitar Hero is ten years old today!

  1. Happy Birthday to Soup’s Son.

    And I would dive head first into that cake rather than dance around a sliver….you only live once. Do it up right!

    The 72 skates cracked me up. That’s what it feels like to me with only two children. Too funny.

  2. WOW! That crazy mop-headed kid CANNOT be 10! That means we have been exiled for too long already. Happy Birthday Middle Son!

  3. Oh, I forgot – I am w/ CBW – give me a REAL cake (white or yellow) w/ white buttercream frosting and I can sit and nibble it all gone. YUM! Home made is good as well – mom made me a butterscotch cake from scratch for my birthday this year! How great to have them here for a few days.

  4. “Every gathering where cake is served, no one wants a big piece. ‘Oh, just a sliver for me, please! No, no – half that size.’ ”

    Uh, NOT ME!!!!

    Aw, *sniff*. Happy Birthday!!!!!

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