Where’s the boy? I thought you had him.

I ran out to do some pre-vacation shopping tonight… I’m all butt-tired, but our countdown to departure has shifted from days into hours, and TICK TICK TICK goes the clock. Oldest son was with me; youngest son was with daddy, out for a walk in the neighborhood, and last I had heard, middle son was over at the neighbors’ house, hanging out with his pal.

I got home, all leg-weary from making multiple stops in search of those dang Fla-vor-Ice freeze pops that are a Beach Week tradition for the kids (never did find the ones I wanted), and hauled the loot inside. It was… quiet. Curt was settling in with a beer and some crackers to read the newspaper. Oldest son was fussing with his laptop, trying to install a webcam. I assumed the other two boys were tucked into bed, dreaming dreams of hot sandy beaches and freeze pops. (I really have to find them before we head south!!)

By now it’s 10:20 p.m. I was surprised to hear the squeaky hinges of our door. In walks middle son, apparently just getting home from the neighbors’ house. I was all, wow, I thought you were in bed, are you just getting home? He said, yeah.

Then Curt says: “Did you bring your little brother home?”

“No,” replied middle son.

“Wow – you mean he’s still over at their house?”

“Uh, yeah,” the boy replied.

I looked up from my computer and repeated the wee one’s name, thinking Curt meant the oldest son instead of the youngest. We are always mixing up their names. (I understand that never gets better. You would think by now we would be able to tell them apart.)

“Right, the little one,” he replied.

Then middle son snarfed his glass of milk and I knew they were totally messing with me.

Not a nice trick to play on a leg-weary, brain-fried, exhausted mommy on a weeknight!

Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to go verify that I have three boys under this roof, tuck them in, kiss them goodnight, and collapse in my own bed.

6 thoughts on “Where’s the boy? I thought you had him.

  1. That’s not even funny.

    Have a great trip! You are not taking a vacation from blogging too, are you??

  2. That is funny! I clicked over here from Foolery’s snake post to yours, and then I had to come to your home page to leave you a comments because — HEAVEN HELP ME if I’d found a five foot long snake skin in my grill. I think any snake skin big enough to make an entire pair of shoes out of all on its own really is too big for any domestic setting. Did you manage to identify the kind of snake from the skin? Did you call animal control to ask them what to do if a hunormous anaconda comes waltzing into your living room the next time you go out to water the porch plants? I’d be losing my mind if I were you — and I very nearly am even though I don’t know you. I hope you haven’t had any more snakey encounters lately!

    Have a great vacation. And I look forward to coming back and reading more.

  3. It was funny after it stopped being not funny, if you follow me. The funniest part was the ten-year-old going along with it. They totally duped me, those two crazies.

    MommyTime, welcome. I probably could have made a belt and purse out of the snakeskin, and I am exaggerating not even all that much. We have yet to see the former occupant of that skin, and that’s fine with me. It even smelled bad. Luckily, we have no porch plants, as we have herds of deer trooping through our back yard, and that would be like putting a bowl of salad out for them. Takes the pressure off of me, though – I don’t feel compelled to have a green thumb.

  4. It’s probably too late, but we have a big-ass box of Fla-vor-Ice I could have given you. Dammit.

    Hope you’ve successfully packed up all your guys and are heading to warmer climes!

  5. RATS Nancy, thanks for thinking of us, and if I thought I would be crossing the Potomac today I would grab ’em from you. Luckily, our friends made a Costco run and got a box of 200, which should be enough for the 8 kids to have several a day for seven days. Seriously, they all talk about freeze pops at the beach the whole rest of the year.

  6. Hey Miss Soup!

    I’d wrestle anyone to the floor who played a trick like that on me when I was tired. Turkeys.

    Hope you’re having a great vacation (I have some reading to catch up on)!

    Laurie @ Foolery

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