Friday Newslinks (and some random fluff, too)

Happy Friday! Raise your hand if you are soooo ready for the long weekend… yep, me too. It’s a dark, rainy morning here in Maryland. The older boys are off to school and the three-year-old is still asleep. Oh, that I were, too. Alas, I am working from home today, which is great because I don’t have to drive or Metro anywhere, but perilous because THERE ARE BEDS IN THIS HOUSE and they have magnetic properties that will pull a sistah in and not let her go. I might be better off packing up the laptop and heading over to Panera (no, they have pastries there). Maybe the public library. Yeah, that’s it.

Not to get all serious and stuff, especially on a Friday, but… Here are two stories I read this week that stuck with me. Need a diversion? Postponing finishing that spreadsheet or unloading the dishwasher? Coworker grabbed the newspaper from the lunchroom and now you’re eating in your office with only your computer screen to read? Then take a gander at these:

First, we have this riveting story about a severely neglected seven-year-old girl who was discovered in a filthy home. With her mother. It’s a story of nature versus complete lack of nurture. It will have you shaking your head and asking yourself how something like this could possibly happen. It will also make you believe in angels.

Next: Curt’s email to me simply said: This just in from the department of irony. It’s an obituary. And I’ll leave it at that.

Finally, as promised in the title, some random fluff, or maybe it should be called lint. Very. Juvenile. Lint. Kimberly of Petroville wrote yesterday about how her teenage daughter was living in fear of keeping sanitary supplies in her school locker, lest the boys confiscate and use the items for…. what, no one exactly knows, except to torture the easily-mortified girls. (If you know what they’re using them for, drop on over and leave a comment for Kimberly. Because inquiring minds want to know.) A blogger named Sue left a comment on that post, and included this link. I have never read Sue’s blog, but popped on over and learned that she has four kids, and we could probably totally bond on the whole laundry thing. I did click the link she left, and then, I giggled for at least ten minutes afterwards, thus making me no better than the seventh-grade boys at Kimberly’s daughter’s school. I guess living in a house full of boys is starting to affect me. (Or maybe I was always this way. Hard to say.) WARNING, this link is not at all graphic or naughty, but there are photos…

Have a great weekend y’all!

14 thoughts on “Friday Newslinks (and some random fluff, too)

  1. Hi! And thanks for the link as well! Your blog title has me completely hooked! (And we are neighbors, sorta, maybe? so we could totally go out for gin and tonics togehter and ignore our ever growing piles of laundry.) Nice to “meet” you!

  2. It’s dark and gloomy here too, but my hand is raised way high up in the air ‘cuz I’m definitely ready for a long weekend.

    I have never been to Panera. I know. Sheltered. The closest one is an hour away, that’s the only reason.

  3. Suz – it’s a world fraught with perils at every turn, to be sure. Sleep at the library versus sleep in my bed on a rainy day? Tough call.

    Sue – I emailed you offline, here’s hoping we’re on the same side of the river!

    CBW – other than the coffee, fresh bread, delicious French onion soup, and free wi-fi, it ain’t all that. Tell you what, come on up to DC and I’ll take you to see all the sights… you know, Five Guys, Panera, even Starbucks if you’re good.

  4. Yeah, I had never heard of tampon crafts either but at least there is a creative outlet available for their curiosity ;-)

    I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

  5. It sure is a nap-inducing kind of day. Zzzzzz.

    Thanks for linking to that story about the little girl in Florida. I meant to read it sooner, but forgot all about it. I’m reading it now before I forget again.

  6. I almost never read child abuse stories (Dani) in the newspaper because they get me too upset. I read this one with great difficulty and can hardly fathom the patience and goodness of that couple to take in such a challenged kiddo. God bless ‘e’m.

  7. I’m SOOO excited! The Gin O’Clock o’meter is now under 2 hours. I love it when, at the stroke of 5, our giant klieg-light olive comes down down off the roof, and everyone on the road cheers!

  8. me me me me me me meme. i’m ready for gin o clock/the weekend/holiday. me! i’m ready! me! pick me! raises hand higher! meeeeee, meg, curt, over here! doncha see me???

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