Bloggy hiatus: See you next week!

Well, the fateful day has arrived. Actually, it's the day before the fateful day, but there's a lot to do between now and tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow, Soup Husband Curt and I are leaving behind our three lovely sons, two annoying squalor-causing beloved pets, and arming Curt's parents with a ream fifty-two five pages of … Continue reading Bloggy hiatus: See you next week!

What recession?

On Friday, Bossy posted a great photo of a Goodwill store advertising "lower prices", citing this as evidence that the economy is in the crapper.  That may be the case where Bossy lives, but I went to the mall yesterday and saw ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that the economy is suffering. I normally am loathe to go … Continue reading What recession?

Conversation starters for this weekend’s parties

It's crazy news round-up Friday!  Or... something like that. You guessed it - I'm still waiting for the word dispenser to refill so I can get a fresh supply. Until it does, Alert Reader (and Soup Husband) Curt supplied me with a few wacky news items that he found particularly funny. He thought you might, … Continue reading Conversation starters for this weekend’s parties