Conversation starters for this weekend’s parties

It’s crazy news round-up Friday!  Or… something like that. You guessed it – I’m still waiting for the word dispenser to refill so I can get a fresh supply. Until it does, Alert Reader (and Soup Husband) Curt supplied me with a few wacky news items that he found particularly funny. He thought you might, too. Check ’em out:

…you should see the letter they wrote to Outback Steakhouse!

Those crazy kids at PETA are at it again! Check out this letter they sent to Ben & Jerry’s.

Do I need a permit to operate this weapon?

Story from West Virginia’s own

In college, we kids I knew just used an apple.

Reuter’s reports this macabre item from Houston.

2 thoughts on “Conversation starters for this weekend’s parties

  1. Wouldn’t you just LOVE to watch that woman’s face as you served her a bowl of breast milk yogurt?

    Dairy cows would NOT. EXIST. without our desire for milk. We’d raise BEEF cows for beef consumption, and dairy cows would die out. They eat a lot, you know, and have no practical use other than milk. And our cows lived pretty well, actually, with large green pastures, shade, and all the food they cared to eat.

    Save a dairy cow: drink milk! And kick a PETA person in the butt. Or wherever is handy.

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