Dear Rick Springfield: Thanks for the traffic!

Dear Rick:

I am writing to you to say thank you. You see, in May, I blogged about how I saw you play at Hometown Holidays in Rockville, MD – a free, community festival (see this awesome photo!), and how you ended up singing Jessie’s Girl but not playing the guitar because you didn’t have a backup roadie who could properly tune your guitar.

Well, Rick, I want to tell you that this post has received over 1,100 views on my blog! It is my most-viewed post. In fact, on my busiest day ever (in the six short months I’ve been blogging), that post about you accounted for 20% of my traffic. That day coincided with your appearance on one of the network morning shows, the release of your new album, and an appearance at a Manhattan record store, so I suppose the InterWebs were abuzz with all things Rick Springfield. Thanks for letting me piggyback, Rick.

I’m puzzled about why curious folks are ending up on my blog as they’re looking for information about you. Because as much as I have been a fan of yours for, like, over half of my life, this blog is certainly not all about you, Rick, or even about aging rockers trying to cash in on nostalgia, or really even about music. So, today I entered “Rick Springfield” in Google, and got through FIVE WHOLE PAGES of searches without seeing my post. Then, I narrowed it down to a blog-only search. Still, I reviewed four pages of results and still didn’t see my post from way back in May. How are your fans finding me?

Meh, who cares? People are reading about you, Rick, on my silly blog! And for that I am most grateful.

Let me bounce an idea off of you, Rick. Can we strike a deal here? I’ll post some fresh links to whip up all six of my readers into a frenzy, which can only help you, Rick, to sell more albums, as you continue to revive your career, and in turn, maybe I’ll get some new readers! Sound like a plan? Awesome. I knew you’d agree.

One last thing, Rick. I really was disappointed about that whole Jessie’s Girl thing that happened in Rockville, so I’m going to include the original, vintage (sorry Rick, it’s over 25 years old, you and I both know that makes it “vintage”) video of the real thing. Now THAT’s what I remember from when I very first saw you in concert, back in the early 1980s. Everybody get ready to sing along:

Thanks for everything, Rick.  The entire staff here at Soup Is Not A Finger Food extends you their very best wishes for continued success in your musical revival!



9 thoughts on “Dear Rick Springfield: Thanks for the traffic!

  1. You know, maybe I’m just old, but I just listened to the whole thing, and Jessie’s Girl is a really cool song! Although the video? is the opposite of cool.

    Now if only you could post the SMEBs lip-synching to it. Alas, we have only still photos of that.

  2. I’m picking my jaw up off the floor because Rick Springfield is 58???? Oh my GAWD. (Although he does look pretty good for a guy in the AARP.) And, um… there are electronic tuners for guitars. It tells you exactly how much to tighten or loosen the string for whatever key you are tuning it to. They cost $15 and my 8-year old can operate it. Maybe I could hire her out as a roadie.

    Anyway, that’s a whole lotta page views! Who knew, back in 1983 that Dr. Rick Springfield *swoon* would be driving traffic to your blog?!

  3. bets – It’s still my favorite song and one of the few to which I know every single word.

    Sue – yep, he’s a geezer, and at that concert he took out the one roadie who could tune a guitar to his liking. He needs some depth on his bench in that department. And GH was my total favorite! I had such a crush on Dr Noah Drake, and what was John Stamos’s character – Blackie maybe?? SWOON!!!

  4. Ha, the irony, now that you wrote this, you will get even more hits from people looking for Rick.
    I too was a Rick Springfield fan. I named my dog Jessie after this song when I was 11.

  5. Consider yourself lucky on this one. People find me through searches on “motorized cooler” or “dentist head shape.”

    I don’t want to know about that last one. He was from Italy, that’s all I know.

  6. Mike – I was there too!!

    SCAccess – I threw the direct link to your brush with fame. He’s so cute standing there in his socks!

    Suz – you figured me out. That’s my grand experiment.

    CBW – I could write a book on some of the search terms that send folks my way. Apparently there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the cooking of frozen ravioli, despite my parsing of the overly complicated directions on one bag I cooked.

  7. I just found this site thinking about starting a blog of my own.. but I had to type i n Rick cause I’m a fan and I wanted to make a note of what type of people I know were looking for Rick on here… marketing scheme… but anyhoo… I couldn’t pass by without saying I’d been here. =) Has Rick seen this, how cute and traffic making!


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