A non-sports update.

Wow, I don’t know what’s gotten into me! I just realized that my posts have been heavy on the sports lately. If you’re not digging that, you’ll really be turned off when, in three weeks, my family and I head to the Penn State/Michigan State game! I’ll warn you ahead of time if you want to change the channel or press “mute.”

Meanwhile, this has been the craziest week ever, and it’s not over yet. It is a “we need a wife” kind of week. Things like hygiene, nutrition, and sleep have slipped down the priority list.

It was already going to be crazy, then we lucked into those hockey tickets last night, and now we have something going on every night of the week. Last night, Curt frantically carved jack o’lantern #2 (3 boys = 3 jack o’lanterns) while I went off to chuch to a meeting. When returned home after 10pm, I immediately continued work on the dummy body for Middle Son’s ventriloquist costume. The good news? It looks really cute lying on the table. The bad news? It’s an invertebrate. It’s a little…. floppy. It’s a two-handed job to hold the head (which is not attached) and not have the body collapse, and that’s going to put a cramp on the candy collecting on Friday night. So, we will ponder that one some more.

The other good news is that Oldest Son now has a pair of Wayfarers to wear, so his costume is complete. I just need to find time to take one of Curt’s work shirts and hem the bottom so it doesn’t go down to his knees. Oh, and shorten the sleeves of the jacket I bought him at the Goodwill store.  Maybe tonight, after all obligations end… which again will be after 10pm.

Welcome to my world, people!

2 thoughts on “A non-sports update.

  1. My mum was always a bit slack on the costumes front… I just went out with the shirt down to my knees, whether it was too big or not, it was worn.

    You sound like a master of Halloween!

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