Halloween: The “You Asked For It” Edition

As I alluded to described in painful detail recently, Halloween week ended up being extra-busy in our house. There was much going on besides the pre-holiday festivities. But Friday rolled around and we were prepared, and it ended up being a perfect day.

One of our traditions is that Curt, the Dad Extraordinaire, carves one jack o’lantern for each kid. He usually has lots of help:

"Peezer", up to his elbows in his future jack o'lantern
Peezer, elbow-deep in his future jack o'lantern

… and his efforts are always greatly appreciated. And this is good, because you don’t get many chances to impress your kids. (Right, Mom?)

"Peezer" and "Boss" with a jack o'lantern
Peezer and Boss with one of the jack o'lanterns

This year’s designs included a very cool Bart Simpson cutout, but unfortunately, that was one of the photos I took that did not, inexplicably, remain on my camera, even though I previewed it. Maybe next year.

While Curt is making a sticky mess of the kitchen floor turning pumpkins into art, I am in charge of cleaning and roasting the pumpkin seeds. This year’s were delicious, and pretty too. I took a photo before the kids devoured them all:

Roasted pumpkin seeds
Roasted pumpkin seeds

Come Friday, it was costume time. I had spent the previous weekend trekking all over town looking for the parts to Oldest Son’s Blues Brothers getup. (Oldest Son henceforth will be known as “Bubta.” I asked each kid what nickname they would like me to use since “Oldest Son” is both cumbersome and boring. He came up with “Bubta.” WhatEVER.)

Bubta as a Blues Brother
Bubta as a Blues Brother

Youngest Son, who will be called “Peezer” from now on, was blessedly easy to outfit this year. He chose something that was already in-house and had been previously worn by his two older brothers:

Peezer is a skeleton rerun
Peezer is a skeleton rerun

But the prize this year went to Middle Son – “Boss” – who decided he simply had to be a ventriloquist. You’ve already read about the drama… here’s how it turned out:

Boss with the invertebrate dummy
Boss with the invertebrate dummy

Actually, this photo is not precisely “How it turned out,” because as mentioned previously, the real photo taken on Halloween – the one where he had on a shirt and tie under the jacket – mysteriously disappeared from my camera. This photo is a re-creation, taken tonight. But, you still get the idea… it’s a kid and a dummy, a very floppy, squishy dummy, whose head does not quite fit right into the body. Nevertheless, even though the photo is somewhat anticlimactic, it WORKS.

Today, three days later, the candy has been repackaged into three separate gallon-sized plastic bags, and the floor in our home is littered with wrappers. Jerry Mahoney’s head and his body have become separated. The jack o’lanterns have been victimized by hungry critters. But make no mistake – it was, quite possibly, the Best Halloween Ever.

Next stop: ELECTION DAY!

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