Thanksgiving update

Oh hi, we’re back. Came back yesterday afternoon, before we had planned to do so.  We stayed two different places in two nights and decided to add a third would be madness! The upside? Time to unpack and do laundry, and even rake some leaves and sweep a floor or two. The downside? We did not get our Christmas tree. Anyone else would simply go buy one locally, but anyone else doesn’t have the kind of tree stand that will hold only a tree with a hole drilled into the bottom of the trunk. Thus, we will be attempting to scare up the kind of tree stand that the whole rest of the world uses. (Got one? Email me.)

I am about to fight my way through piles of clutter and attempt to dismantle the decoration on ‘DIS MANTLE:


…so I can replace it with something that feels Christmasy. (Note the awesome fireplace screen we scored for cheap via Craigslist!) As I write this from the other end of the house, there is a cozy fire in that there fireplace, and the Steelers are on the TV.  I just napped through the second half of the early games – I’m tellin’ ya, that couch is the bomb!  And the family room is still available for Inauguration rental, too… Just sayin’.

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