Watching the [insert food item here] drop on New Year’s Eve

In further proof that Pennsylvanians are just odd march to their own drummer, I found this list of interesting things that get “dropped” in various PA towns during the final minute of each year.

I’ve got nothin’ but love for the state in which I spent my first 22 years, but seriously? Check out this list. Do other towns attempt to imitate the Big Apple by dropping some alternative item at their New Year’s Eve celebration? Or is it just a Pennsylvania thing?

Hey – they don’t have the Waterford crystal ball, but they sure are creative!  Each item is tied to its town’s claim to “fame” (where fame most often equals the town’s native food product, because that’s what we do in PA – we eat).

Cleona, Pennsylvania – a pretzel
Dillsburg, Pennsylvania a pickle
Duncannon, Pennsylvania – a sled
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania – a giant M&M
Falmouth, Pennsylvania – a stuffed goat
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – a strawberry
Hanover, Pennsylvania – a black rose (discontinued)
Hummelstown, Pennsylvania – a lollipop
Lancaster, Pennsylvania – a red rose
Lebanon, Pennsylvania – a bologna
Liverpool, Pennsylvania – a canal boat
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania – a wrench
New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania – a huckleberry
Newville, Pennsylvania – spring
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- a Heinz Ketchup bottle
Pottsville, Pennsylvania – a bottle of Yuengling beer
Red Lion, Pennsylvania – a cigar
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania – an anchor
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania – a chunk of coal that turns into a diamond at the bottom
York, Pennsylvania – a white rose

If I had to choose based solely on what gets dropped, you’d most likely find me in Pottsville, throwing back a Lager. But then you probably could have guessed that. If there was a town that drops a gin and tonic at midnight, I would so be there. Interestingly, three of the little towns on this list are in my home county.

Which one would you choose?

4 thoughts on “Watching the [insert food item here] drop on New Year’s Eve

    1. Meh. I’ve been to Pottsville. Let’s just say, it would be a lot more fun to drink a Yuengling in Florida. Not Pennsylvania’s most scenic town. Still, there’s something to be said for visiting Mecca…

      BTW, in PA, you ask for a LAGER when you want a Yuengling. They just know what you want. Example (from a baseball game): ME: Two Yuenglings, please. BARTENDER (to helper): TWO LAGERS!

  1. My two favorite beers..Yuengling and Shiner Bock. Shiner is made in Shiner, Texas. Never been there…had some Shiner in celebration of the new year last night. :)

    I’m that girl when at a party and the girls are ordering the fru fru drinks like Cosmopolitans and Appeltinis, they get to me and I say, “What kinda beer you got?”

    1. Charlcie – me too, most of the time. “What’s on draft?” is the question you’ll most often hear me ask, and I’ll usually try for some obscure IPA if it’s available. No fuzzy navels for me!

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