Winner winner, chicken dinner

Soup Husband Curt called me at work yesterday. He said our dentist had contacted him in follow-up to The Boss’s recent visit and wanted to give us some info about possible orthodontia for him. I was all, oh great, like we can afford that. I think his overbite’s kinda cute!

Curt continued, can you swing by his office on your way home? He has it ready and wants to give it to us. Sure, whatever, I replied. I actually have time today. No problem.

Turns out, it was all a big ruse.  But a good one!  I rolled in and there was Dr. Siegel, next to some big thing propped on a chair and draped in a cloth. One of his assistants came out with a camera and a balloon.

You see, last Fall, I dragged the entire family to his office for our long-overdue dental checkups.  With the move away and then back again, dental visits had slipped down the priority list, but I was determined to get everyone back on schedule. While the two older two sons had been to this dental office, neither the Peezer nor Curt had, so they counted as new patient referrals. Coincidentally, Dr. Siegel was having contest: Anyone who referred a new patient had a chance at winning a 26″ LCD TV!

Here I was, simply fulfilling one of my parental responsibilities by having a trained professional assure me that all those gummy bears and apple juice have not – yet – begun to damage my children’s teeth.  And, as a bonus, I got to nag my husband into his first dental visit in, like, years. (Curt loves dental visits almost as much as he loves heights, or cilantro.)

Who knew dragging your family to the dentist could result in new consumer electronics? I won the TV! I posed for a photo, loaded my prize into the car and headed home.  Turns out, the whole rest of my family was in the know. I have no idea how they managed to keep the secret from me. (This scares me a little bit.)

Dr. Siegel and his staff are great.  I’ve been a patient of his for over 10 years.  I don’t let just anyone dig around in my mouth with sharp metal instruments. He and his staff are so good with the kids, too.  The boys actually look forward to their visits. This is mainly because they get to pick a prize out of the box, but they willingly sit still for the checkup part to earn their reward. Heck, even Curt sits still for his checkup, and he doesn’t even get to choose a prize! He is a very good boy.

So: If you live in Montgomery County, MD, and are looking for a new dentist, please allow me to recommend Dr. Siegel.  Oh, one more thing – be sure to tell him that I sent you!

3 thoughts on “Winner winner, chicken dinner

  1. The best (least worst) part for me is, he’s ALSO an ice hockey player. So when he called to tell me Soup had won, we talked mostly about hockey, like usual, even as we set up the ruse.

    He talks hockey while I’m in the chair. My appointments inevitably sound something like this:

    DR S: So, who do you guys play next?

    My one lingering worry is the potential conflict of interest of your dentist playing on an opposing team, in a full-contact sport.

  2. CBW – thanks! My dentist would take great care of you, and you could stay overnight at our place to break up the long drive. Think about it.

    Curt – interestingly, that is now very much like what my own appointments sound like, because he likes to talk about your hockey with me, too!

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