The Digitizing of America: Brigantine

digitizing-button1Remember the NBC Nightly News series that was called THE FLEECING OF AMERICA?  Well, yesterday, as I was scanning anything in my office that fit on the glass, I was thinking about how I could essentially digitize everything I own and get rid of boxes upon boxes of papers. Instead of heirloom hope chests filled with musty-smelling mementos from generations past, I could simply pass down a thumb drive, a DVD, or, more likely, the URL and password to my own online storage site.

Being a blogger, I considered the possibility that what I smelled was not the unique scent of 40-year-old artifacts, but was, in fact, the makings of a blog post. Or, maybe, a series! Thus, I present to you the first installment of The DIGITIZING of America.

Chapter One: Brigantine


I found this postcard in an envelope that included a few photos, a newspaper clipping of our engagement announcement, and some notes I had written to my Grandma Losch. Brigantine was our family’s shore destination for one week each summer for many years, until they built the casinos in neighboring Atlantic City and, fearing the imminent encroachment of all manner of riff-raff, we migrated to nearby Sea Isle City instead.

I love this pictures on this postcard.  Let’s start at the top left: What’s with those six people, running at the surf’s edge, all holding hands?  Did people actually DO that? On top right, we have The World’s Most Crowded Beach, which I think is supposed to make you want to be there with all the other Cool Kids, but in reality? If I came over the dune and saw THAT? I’d head down the beach a bit to something more like what’s pictured on the lower left corner.  And the bottom photo? HIYA, SAILOR! Clearly, none of those chicks had been body surfing because their hair remains perfectly teased.

Bonus points for anyone who leaves a comment containing captions or clever dialogue for any of the photos.

The back of the postcard was stamped in August 1969, and I’m quite certain my mother didn’t give the photos nearly the thought that I did as she dashed off the following note to her mother:


Lookie! They were travelling with a baby! Specifically, me, just after my 2nd birthday. In fact, if my math is right, she would have been in the early weeks of her second pregnancy, as my sister was born the following March.

Knowing they were at the beach in the height of summer with a two year old makes me hope that it wasn’t even a fraction of how crowded that one photo on the postcard is. Can you imagine?  Me either.

Now that it’s preserved in cyberspace, I should probably just get rid of the hard copy… but actually, there’s something kinda cool about holding onto these mementos. On the other hand, something like this may or may not have significance to my kids. Still, I like taking the occasional trip down memory lane and hope to preserve and share a few more here as I come across them in my eternal quest to stay become organized.

13 thoughts on “The Digitizing of America: Brigantine

  1. Upper Left: After yet ANOTHER time jump, the passengers from Oceanic 815 have morphed into 70’s versions of themselves and have flee yet another round of attacks by the mysterious smoke monster.

  2. 1st Pic: Thelma and Louise and Thelma

    1st Pic: Brigantine, New Orgy ?

    I could go on, but it appears to be getting worse with each attempt.

    p.s. In one of my several lifetimes, I vacationed a week every summer at Long Beach Island. I’ll never be going back there, but my kids still go once a week.

  3. Bottom Right: “Now see girls, the real reason sailors learn all about these different knots is so that we can quickly bypass chastity belts at any port!”

  4. CBW – Yeah, it’s like some giant Thelma & Louise party, isn’t it? Or maybe the start of some freak Swingers musical…

    Jack – that was the one I thought would be really funny to caption but I was coming up dry. Keep thinking. It cracks me up, that photo.

  5. The bottom right picture is Harry Connick, Jr. and he’s barely tolerating the attention from those fawning ladies because all he can think about is rushing home to me, hence the glance off into the distance.

    Mrs. Harry

  6. TOP LEFT:

    Bob, Joe, and Stumpy were soon to come to realization that, with only half a leg each, they would never be able to run along and keep up with the three Brigantine strumpets who so longingly coveted to convene a swinger’s musical orgy with them.

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