Just like Las Vegas, except…

The extremely fantastic Soup Husband Curt arranged a top-secret overnight getaway for us this past Friday night.  There are so few surprises in a 15-year marriage that we resort to things like making reservations and not telling the other one about it till the last minute. I did it to him last month – secured babysitting and whisked him away to a restaurant that included a bar and a TV so we could watch the NHL playoffs. (Yes, I am the best wife ever.)  But Curt upped the ante, so to speak with a surprise getaway to…


Well, not exactly Las Vegas, but close in tons of many a few ways, and in some ways better. For example, where we went, was:

  • Much less expensive than Las Vegas
  • Did not require us to board an airplane and transfer in Atlanta
  • Featured a half-price happy hour that included top-shelf mixed drinks and appetizers
  • There was no smoking anywhere

Our getaway was truly the next best thing. After securing dubious babysitting arrangements, we drove 5 miles from home, and booked a room with a lake view here:


And here is another spectacular view from the 9th floor of the Marriott:


If you squint your eyes, it kinda resembles The Strip, doesn’t it? Maybe just a little bit?

OK, well maybe not. Nevertheless, it’s what we have right here in our zip code, and the thing is, if you’re away overnight without the kids, you could be staying in the neighbors’ basement and sleeping on their sofabed and it would be pretty darn fine. (Almost.)

We checked in, dumped off our bags and shortly thereafter parked our butts on the barstools at The Hamlet. We made friends with our bartender (hi, Andrew!), and got all bossy about the remote convinced him to change the TV channel so we could watch the hockey game. We ordered yummy appetizers (they were half-price, too) and talked him into heavy-pouring our extra-large gin and tonics.  We made friends with the nice people on either side of us, in that any nice person at a bar can be an instant friend for the time you both occupy stools at the bar. We ordered sliders for takeout and went back to the room to watch the rest of the game and sleep on the fluffy, comfy bed.

And no preschool-age children woke us up to be tucked in or to inform us that they had, again, peed through their Pull-Up, and no cats started YEEEEOOOWLing at 6:00 a.m., informing us it was TIME TO EAT, DAMMIT!

In the morning we feasted trucker-style on their breakfast buffet, which was included in the room rate. (Take that, Las Vegas!) If you live near Gaithersburg, go try the Marriott’s brunch – a nice lady made me an omelette, but could have made me a waffle if that’s what I had wanted. They had POUNDS of bacon waiting for me (I do love a big pan of bacon on a breafast buffet), grits, cheese blintzes, and healthy things too, like fruit.

Then we drove the short drive back home and confronted the reality of peanut shells and rogue popcorn on the living room floor and undone dishes and half-empty pizza boxes in the kitchen, but we did not care.  Our getaway was quick and low-budget, but all we really needed was a chance to finish a sentence without being interrupted, to drink a beer without having to mediate a quarrel or yell at the kids to turn off the TV – I said it’s time to take a shower – brush your teeth – I said GO TO BED! It’s exactly what the doctor ordered every so often. It helps us remember why we married each other.

Try it. You’ll like it!

22 thoughts on “Just like Las Vegas, except…

  1. Oh, that sounds lovely. And any getaway that doesn’t require air travel is good with me. It’s not the air, it’s the airports. I hate airports. I like Marriots, however.

  2. Omg. your dad and I used to do that every so often. Either grandma would keep you two overnight, and we would take off to Harrisburg., all of 45 minutes away. Same routine. What fun!

  3. I hope we didn’t crimp your style making you leave paradise in search of a chain restaurant:)

    Hope you are all better soon Soup’s mom! And hope you don’t mind I wrote that on Soup’s blog:)

  4. You know what? This sounds like heaven.

    I have missed Jae’s bedtime twice, and both times his dad was at home. We have never left him overnight. It’s hard to imagine getting away wtih that with this particular child.

    1. Getting kids to sleep is such a tricky issue. We always felt strongly that ours should be able to fall asleep alone, and I think that’s what makes it possible for us to sneak away every once in a while… not to mention, maintain some semblance of sanity in our nightly routine. I have no qualms about missing bedtime! Of course, it ends up that the bedtime routine is mostly Curt’s to manage, so they don’t really miss me if I’m not there. :-)

  5. it does sound nice but bets i with you. the only time i’ve left julia was when i was in the hospital having claire and julia did not like it one bit! we joke that the first time she’ll sleep away from me is when she goes to college. i think she is getting better about it and sleeps just about ever night in her own bed now. she does still like to have me around to fall asleep though. and claire still nurses in the night so it’ll be awhile until she’ll be ok with me not with her at night! but one day i’m sure we’ll be able to do it.

  6. How fun Meg! We always enjoy our short (or long!) get-aways and I am w/ you about teaching them to sleep on their own. I did that from day one and kept the same routine all these years. It makes it easier on you (and whoever you can convince to babysit!).

  7. Wow, how fun!!! I love the overnight getaway w/out kids. That is heaven. Tell Mr. Soup to call me next time..i do work for Marriott!!!!

    1. Oh rats Heather, and also DUH! If I had known what was cooking I might’ve remembered that. Next time… we enjoy it over there!

    1. Kristin, Oh, I hope I didn’t imply somehow that he’s up for grabs because he is ALL MINE and I DO NOT SHARE WELL! Ask my mom.

  8. Wow, so impressive Soup Husband Curt! Sounds like a blast!

    Would love to stop by to say hi one of these days on the way to a Washington Freedom game. I think you aren’t far from there, and we have a soccer fanatic at our house who is dying to go to a game!

  9. Charlcie, we are only like 3 miles from there and can easily be on your way there or home. DM us, we’d love to see you!

  10. What an awesome husband (it’s a given that you are awesome yourself). This marks at least two trips y’all have taken this calendar year, or close enough–when WAS Las Vegas? Not that long ago. Point being: you all have it right. Love the family, love the kids but don’t forget time for each other.

    1. Aw, gosh, thanks CBW! Vegas was in October, but that was a special junket in honor of our 15th wedding anniversary. We don’t usually observe our anniversaries so grandly; only the ones ending in 5 and 0, so far. But random hotel overnights to the Marriott 5 miles away? Every chance we get. :-)

  11. This is exactly what we need, too, I think. What a great idea to take a little vacation close enough to just get an overnight sitter! I’m so glad you had such a relaxing time. I may have to try this myself very soon…

    1. Mommytime, do it, and if you can find a half-price happy hour so Mommy can make good on that Martini? So much the better. Granted, reality was waiting for us in all its glory, but getting away from it if only for a few hours was really, really swell.

  12. I am SURE I commented on this already, I’m losing it I guess. I blame FB (see above comment).
    I think watching the playoffs together in a bar sounds super romantic. In fact, if my anniversary were in APril or may that’s what I’d want to do.

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