How many days?

From Vanity Fair
From Vanity Fair

IN response to all the “First 100 Days” hype, I’ve been grousing to myself, harumph, what is “100 days” but a nice, round, yet completely arbitrary, number? I mean, couples don’t observe a 100-day anniversary.  First-time parents measure their babies’ age in days for a few weeks, maybe, then count the weeks and then months.  (Parents who already have one baby under their belt measure the time in hours, as in, how many hours must go by before I can freakin’ sleep AGAIN? But that’s different.) A hundred days is sizeable, I guess, like a hundred-dollar bill, with heft, but still connoting a degree of newness.

hundred20dollar20billAnyway, lately I’ve been gravitating more towards Facebook than to my blog, which is bad, I know, but it is what it is. I’m still searching for balance.  Anyway, I was over on Faceook and my pal Marty posted a link to this story, featured in Slate today,  and I laughed almost until I peed.  (But don’t tell Marty.) It’s a brilliant mock-up of Obama’s Facebook news-feed, and it’s bloody hilarious, funny in about 100 different ways. Go, take a look and enjoy the giggles. You get bonus points if you copy and paste Cheney’s tiny.url link to see where it goes.

Also? Please know that I’ll be back again before you know it. It’s a crazy week, but it’s almost over. More Soup for you, soon. I pinky-swear.

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