H is for HELP

What a day it’s been Chez Soup! First, I had the shocking discovery of a guest reptile lounging about my bedroom.  After helping it find the woods, I packed up my laptop and hightailed it to the public library, thinking I could push the critter from my mind while using their Wifi. That worked GREAT until… the Wifi crapped out. Fortunately, this turn of events coincided with lunchtime. I packed up again and headed over to Five Guys (Damn them!), thinking that a juicy burger and some fresh-cut fries might help mitigate my mental anguish over the aforementioned serpent. Then, I headed to the nearby hundred-dollar store Target to pick up some stuff I didn’t know I needed hair color.  Because? You know – Retail Therapy. 

I was feeling better as I loaded my ten bags purchases into the car and drove away, but then I noticed that the World Market had closed! Sign off the front, store completely empty. WTF? I didn’t even know this was happening! Why didn’t anyone tell me??  I’m in mourning!

Meanwhile, Chrysler’s gone into Chapter 11 and Swine Flu is spreading and Senators are switching teams. Is there nothing we can count on any longer?

Fortunately, there is one thing: If it’s Thursday, I’m gonna be here begging and pleading asking for your assistance with Peezer’s show and tell this week. This week’s letter is:


You remember the rules: It has to be kid-friendly and fit into a repurposed shoebox.  I’m sure I will think of something right after I get the image of that damn snake out of my head.

Ready? GO! (And thanks.)

20 thoughts on “H is for HELP

  1. let’s see, H is for…
    herpitile (a pic of the snake)
    hello kitty
    hair brush
    honey (maybe too sticky)
    hyacinth (grape or regular, mine are blooming right now)
    honey suckle
    hedgehog (it would totally fit in the box!)
    hockey puck (i’m sure you have one of those)
    this is good practice for me when julia starts day care in the fall.

  2. HMMMMMMMMM……………I like Hockey puck . But on the off chance that doesn’t fly with the kid…..
    Hug (cut out arms and put them in the shoebox), Hoisin sauce (chinese food for lunch, yum:)), hairball (in honor of National hairball awareness day!) harmonica, hazelnut, helicopter, harley, hoop earring (pirates rock!), harp (from a lamp, not the instrument!), hairbrush, hairnet, halloween mask, hat, hamburger (gum), harness, hops, hoagie, hunting spoon (knife is too dangerous), hanger (wonder hanger fits in a shoe box, brought to you by your local Bed Bath & Beyond).

    1. All great ideas Randi! We stopped at Hockey Puck. After all the critters yesterday, we decided to keep show & tell simple.

  3. hay
    hair (piece of)
    hanger (coat hanger?)

    yes, i used the dictionary for this one because all i could think of wa hamburgers and hot dogs. and i’m not even hungry .

  4. Hamster, so after its duty as Show and Tell you can see if it will keep your house snake free…or wait, that’s the other way around, isn’t it? Snake would keep your house hamster-free.

  5. Half dollar (money is always cool)
    Happy face
    Hiking boot
    Picture of Home

  6. I have successfully delivered the hibachi for the Eli. Thanks again for your help, readers(s).

  7. Hand grenade and why they’re bad or cut a hole in the bottom of the box and stick his hand up it :)

    1. That seems to be the trend… but I’ll check and post as soon as I know.
      No offense, but after this week’s run-in with the snake, I’m not so keen on reptiles yet.

  8. Follow-up post: I learned from friends via Facebook that my World Market has been going out of business for, like, a couple of months. Despite my frequent visits to the nearby Target, I missed it. However, even better, it looks like a Wegman’s grocery store may be opening up in or near that location! So stay tuned because if that happens, I will be extremely pumped.

  9. I’m glad you solved for H. All I could come up with was


    which would have been problematic on many levels.

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