Until we meet again


I hate goodbyes.

Really, I do.  Goodbye seems so final. So permanent.  Nothing GOOD about it. Is anyone “good” at saying goodbye? I’m not. I get all weepy and blubbery and words fail me.  It isn’t pretty.

Instead of saying goodbye, I have decided that I prefer “until we meet again,” which holds the promise of a future meeting.

I have raved in this space before about how fantastic our neighborhood is. We feel lucky to be raising our boys in an environment where we trust the neighbors to step in and help in the parenting process when needed.  And we’re finding that the older the kids get, the more we need the extra help and support.

Jeff and Tara have lived on our street for longer than we have. They raised their two kids here, the youngest of whom just graduated from high school and will be heading to college in the fall.  Their home is on the cul-de-sac (that’s French for “dead end”), which is our little oasis from the Real World.  When we’re down there with kids on bikes and skateboards and scooters, there’s a good chance “Jeffy” will amble down the hill and offer a beer. Their yard has been the site of many a winter bonfire cooking fire. The ladies have played poker at Tara’s dining room table.  We have all admired their gorgeous landscaping and watched in admiration as Jeff designed and built his fabulous screened-in porch, complete with a sunken hot tub. We’ve attended their kids’ graduation parties.

We’ve become friends. Our lives are intertwined.

Our floundering economy’s effects aren’t limited to Curt’s job. Jeff, who’s made his career in the real estate sector, was called to relocate from his job in Maryland to one with the same company in Ohio. The timing was actually good; and so is the opportunity. It makes sense when viewed through any number of lenses.  

No one is more sensitive to having to make this particular life-changing decision than we are. We did the same thing almost three years ago.  Our move, too, looked perfect on paper. But, ours wasn’t.  We feel fortunate to have been able to move back to Maryland.  Despite the recent turn of events, we remain convinced that moving back was the right thing for us for many reasons.

Jeff has been working at his new job, travelling back to Maryland every couple/few weekends. Despite the soft residental real estate market, they sold their home in a relatively short amount of time. They settle on the sale and move out in two weeks.

Because we hadn’t already partied enough during this long holiday weekend, We decided to extend our traditional Fourth of July festivities with farewell activities for Jeff and Tara.  Curt and I hosted Sunday brunch for our closest neighbors, plus some other friends and family. We had gotten together last week and made these garden stones–


each with a significant image representing their time here. We gave them the stones, then showed them a slideshow of photos from all our good times in the ‘hood, set to tunes that instantly made me cry. (I’m such a sucker for a slideshow!) It was a nice sendoff, I think.

Though we hate to be saying farewell, we certainly wish them all the best. We also know that they aren’t just our neighbors, but will continue to be our fantastic friends, no matter what.

Columbus, we’re told, is a short and easy flight on Southwest, and a do-able road trip for those inclined to drive. We’ve seen photos of Jeff and Tara’s new home there. It looks like there will be plenty of room for houseguests.

And so, as we say “until we meet again” to our friends – and we hope that “again” comes soon – we also anticipate a new beginning, and the possibility of making new friends. Jeff and Tara tell us that a family with young children is moving into their home. We’re thrilled at the possibility of new playmates for The Peezer.  We hope they’re like-minded, enjoy a good party, dig bonfires, and have similar thoughts about raising children here. 

No one can replace Jeff and Tara, but we think they’ll be happy if the new family can carry on in their tradition.

Farewell, friends!

9 thoughts on “Until we meet again

    1. I follow your logic, Adam, but I would venture to say you have ties with folks in cyberspace that would be just as difficult (and painful) to sever.

  1. Goodbyes are tough. I’m with Avitable — all of my favorite people are available through this little white breadbox, which should fold in half and fit under my arm but that’s a different story.

    Faraway friends just means a new place to venture. : )

  2. Oh I am sooooo with you on goodbyes. Your blog made me teary! It just changes things and who likes changes? Not many people do but they always bring on new and interesting aspects to our lives. I look forward to blogs on the new neighbors and how they are getting to know the group!

  3. Meg,

    Well said. There is one more step, though.I will let you know when my abc (not bac) returns to normal so we may have a proper wake for the Brysons. They deserve it. There is just no substitute for great friends and the built in support system of which they are a part. We’ll all miss Jeff and Tara, that’s part of life. Had they solely been cyber-friends, this weekend would have been much easier. Much.

    1. My liver needs to recover first, but you know I’ll be all in! Whatever we do, it should involve a pit of flaming wood. They’d have it no other way.

  4. What a beautiful send off.

    We had the same kind of send off when we moved from Cape Elizabeth, up here to the mid-coast area of Maine. And our neighbours are NOTHING like those we cherish back in Cape. I couldn’t even tell you the names of any of our neighbours and we’ve been here two years.

    Thankfully Meg (my eldest daughter) has turned our home into “the” place to hang out for all of her friends, both from high school, college and work. I can’t count the number of bonfires and overnights we’ve had here. It doesn’t completely make up for the lack of neighborlyness in our ‘hood, but it’s nice to know her friends feel comfy around the asylum.

    Looking forward to meeting you NEXT WEEK!

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