I’m heading south tomorrow, with my new pal Laurie, who blogs over here. She’s flying in from California, staying overnight chez Soup, then tomorrow we load up the ‘Burb and drive to Virginia Blogfest.

Two chicks in a car? On a roadtrip? Does that remind you of anything?



Oh yeah, we’re a couple of badasses for sure.

Don't mess with badass bloggers!
Don't mess with badass bloggers!

18 thoughts on “Roadtrip!

    1. Oh geez, you should’ve come! We had fun touring around the bay region in Mathews County. I’d have swung by, but we took the eastern route so I could drop Foolery at BWI. Next time though!!

  1. SMBS – that’s the understatement of the day…

    Suz – start saving your spare change and by next year you’ll have airfare! I provide top-rate airport shuttle services to any of the DC airports – ask Foolery.

    Noe Noe – That’s about how it was, too!

    Ann – Aw shucks, thanks!

  2. Can’t believe I didn’t come by to comment on this (and steal the photos for my personal collection! When you showed me your post on your laptop in Maryland I laughed so hard I thought I’d choke. Still funny. Photos stolen. Life is good. Thanks Soup! : )

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