The more, the merrier

I don’t have time now for a full post, and I have so much I want to share about Virginia Blogfest weekend. It’s all simmering inside the pressure-cooker that is my brain… when it’s fork-tender, I’ll lift it out and serve it up.  Till then, I”ll leave you with this photo, taken on a beach cove on Gwynn’s Island, Saturday night. It’s true what they say – the more, the merrier. And oh, were we ever merry.

Blogfest, Mathews County, VA
Blogfest, Mathews County, VA

15 thoughts on “The more, the merrier

  1. What a great day we had. I can not wait to read your posts…and I feel the same way about my brain. I need to let things marinate. It was so wonderful meeting you!

  2. OOOH! I’m so happy that you were able to capture not only us, the but the local wildlife as well.

    And SkyDog, too.

    I’m honored to have met you and had some time to chat, and look forward to scouring through all of your posts.

    Big Canadian Hugs!

  3. Did you ever find out where we can trade in our livers for ones that still function??

    It was SO great to meet you!! I’m still trying to figure out where to even START with my Blog Fest posts! GAH! Words will not do it justice!

  4. Separtated at birth…. perfect! It was fabulous, wasn’t it? I had such a great time meeting you!

    Thank goodness you got EVERYONE in that photo!

    Big west coast hugs!


  5. Now what would our Blog FEst have been without Uncle Tim!

    LOVE this picture, LOVED the whole weekend but particularly CHERISHED this particular day. What a beautiful end to an incredible experience of a life time.

    Thank you so much for coming AND YOU KNOW THE WAY – LET’S PLAN A RETURN VISIT!

  6. Ladies who were there – right back at all y’all.

    Suz and Kimberly – start saving now, this thing’s going to happen again and we want you there!

  7. *sigh*

    My brain, it hurts with so much awesomeness packed into it’s wee tiny confines. Just know that we so loved meeting you! This has been a weekend filled with so much. The words…they just fail me right now.

  8. I don’t need to show up here anymore — I already know what Meg is going to say! ; )

    Here’s to finishing each others’ sentences and new-old friendships, Miss Meg (and all) — so cherish this trip and the many people I have come to know!

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