Chesapeake Bay Chopsticks

During the planning stages leading up to last weekend’s Virginia Blogfest, Laurie and I discovered that we have many things in common. One of them is a freakish unique talent for rewriting lyrics to familiar tunes.  Thus, we put our heads together and came up with this little ditty to honor our hostesses.  Rumor has it there’s a video of our only performance;  I’ll amend my post when it comes my way, but until then, you know the tune, so sing along in your head.



 Chesapeake Bay Woman

And Big Hair Envy are

Having a Blog Fest in Math-

-ews County, Vir-

-gin-ya this weekend, so

Gather your blog buddies,

Come for the weekend and

Bring some wine!



 It’s sure to be a hoot,

Watch out for the goose

And also the fiddler crabs

 The daffodils are gone

It’s terribly sad,

But that’s what the wine is for!



 Cookouts and beaches and

Star-bellied Sneetches are

Part of the charm here in Math-

-ews County, Vir-

-gin-ya! The Come-heres all

Mixing with From-heres so

Come to our Blog Fest on

Chesapeake Bay!



 Who cares about the time,

Let’s drink some more wine,

Because we are all friends here!

When we go home we’ll write

On all of our blogs

About how we love it here.



(we’ll) Go to the courthouse and

Stand in the Food “Line” to

Gather provisions and buy us some wine,

Then we’ll go to Gwynn’s Island,

Eat dinner in Hallieford,

Light us a bonfire

And drink some beer



We thank you very much

For hosting this Fest,

You really are just the best!

Let’s raise our glasses to

Big Hair Envy and

The Chesapeake Bay Woman!


PS – Look over there, at the top part of my right sidebar – I’ve added a special blogroll section that includes links to all of the fine bloggers who attended the shindig.

13 thoughts on “Chesapeake Bay Chopsticks

  1. I didn’t get to hear all the words while you were singing it and reading it back, it’s so damn clever! Equally so is putting that blogroll like that. I think I need to borrow this idea for my site!! I hope you don’t mind.

  2. This will be the theme song when the movie comes out. And don’t rule that one out!

    You two are incredibly, insanely talented. Great singers, great piano players, great song writers, great entertainers and most of all great friends.

    Simply incredible – you two.

  3. BAH, it’s just for all y’all, not for any other purpose. I was happy we could entertain you, that you didn’t all shake your head and mutter, “WHAT were they THINKING?”!

    Kate – I hope you ALL will blogroll everyone! I separated the group out, but if I end up on you guys’s blogrolls that’ll make me smile. :-)

  4. We finish each other’s sentences, don’t we, Meg? But I think that’s true of all of us at Blogfest — and many others who couldn’t happen to be there but SHOULD HAVE. It was lots of fun to do that . . .

    . . . but huge props to Meg for PLAYING THE PIANO WHILE SINGING (especially lyrics that aren’t yet burned into one’s memory). It’s very hard to do, but Miss Meg rocked it. KUDOS.

    1. Aw shucks, Foolery – anyone can play Chopsticks, and frankly, I had obsessed over the meter of our lyrics and did practically have ’em memorized. In fact, it’s been lodged in my brain since we performed and I CAN’T MAKE IT STOP, someone, please, make it STOP ALREADY…

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