Wanna flya Cessna?

In one of thousands  hundreds  dozens  several boxes of mementos from my youth, currently taking up entire rooms in my basement, I found two magazines from the week I was born in the Mesozoic Era  Renaissance  Roaring Twenties late sixties.  My Grandma Sara was an R.N. in a doctor’s office and she thoughtfully swiped their copies of Life and Look for my parents to stash away on my behalf. I don’t think I knew I had them until one of our recent moves.

Last night I was looking through the Life Magazine from July 28, 1967, and came upon this ad that included a helpful, cents-off coupon. I don’t know if it’s worth trying to cash it in today, but in any case, check it out:

wanna flya cessna

AWESOME! Slip a licensed instructor a fin and you, too, can jet above your post-industrial city!  What? You don’t have your ID with you? Oh, that’s OK, bring it tomorrow.  We trust you.

C’mon, you know you wanna – all the cool kids are doin’ it.

Lest you should think I ripped this idea off from the pages of The Glamorous Life Association’s AdTalk series, please know this: I think of it more as “inspiration” – and, I cleared it with Marcy ahead of time.  In fact, if you think this one’s good, you should pop on over to view the ads she’s posted. Hilarious stuff!

BTW, I have another one from the same mag that will be coming your way  later this week. Priceless stuff, this.

16 thoughts on “Wanna flya Cessna?

  1. Just checked out Marcy’s AdTalk series — very cool stuff!

    ps: I empathize with you about the cluttered jammed basement… but just imagine the fun for your kids to wade through it all when you’re ready to move to Florida for retirement! ;-)

    1. Yeah, Marcy’s the bees’ knees!

      I keep meaning to go thru all this stuff. Some I inherited from my grandma a few years ago when she died, and still more came from my mom when she remarried a couple of years ago. And then there are the boxes I’ve been toting around for the past twenty years.

  2. Too funny – but you know, I saw no expiration date on that certificate – I’d say it’s worth a shot…

    On second thought…not sure if you really want to chance flying in a Cessna in the kind of shape that most of the Cessna 150’s that they were pushing in that ad, are probably in today!

    1. Yeah, I was thinking of that – like, who shows up with a coupon for a $5 flying lesson?? Where’s the internal control? Scary indeed! I wonder how that ad campaign worked out for Cessna anyway?

  3. Awesome stuff.

    I have (or had, I’m almost afraid to look because our basement just flooded after our hot water heater exploded) a box of National Geographic magazines that date back to the early 1900’s. My favorite ads were for the cars and Coca Cola. I just love vintage Coke ads!

    This post brought back a lot of memories.

    1. Daryl – I am nothing if not the Queen of Hyperbole.

      Audrey – too fun! That’s when Coke was… COKE!

      Curt – I’m with you. As with haircuts and taking down trees, better left in the hands of trained professionals.

  4. You know now sometimes a book will have an order form in the back to order more copies of the book? I’ve always thought it would be hilarious to find one of those from like the 1950s and mail it in (along with your 75 cents or however much the book cost back then) and just see what happens.

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