Don’t forget to pack your sauce

tuckaway fifth

I found this ad in the July 28, 1967 issue of Life Magazine. It tickled me because – check it out – Mister Big Biznessman’s goin’ on a trip and his white-gloved honey has made sure she tucked a li’l fifth of his favorite bourbon right into his suitcase, right there next to the white shirts she so lovingly ironed (how many times must I tell you, light starch, honey – dammit, you know it makes my neck itch!).

Ya think he managed to get that by TSA in the hopes of gate-checking his bag so he could avoid the whole baggage claim circus on the far side? Did he seal it in a single, quart-sized Ziploc bag?

OH WAIT – this was the 1960s, a time when liquids in large containers could be carried willy-nilly throughout the airport. A time when flight attendants were called stewardesses and they had strict upper limits on their weight  and age… when tickets were paper – not E – and full, hot meals were served on real plates with real forks and real knives… and suitcases didn’t yet have wheels, and a fella could keep his shoes and belt ON and his party could meet him right there at the gate instead of outside the secure zone…

…it was a time when a man was a MAN and by golly, he packed his very own Tuckaway Fifth on every business trip.

22 thoughts on “Don’t forget to pack your sauce

  1. HAHAHA!

    “for people going places”

    “The tuckaway fifth that packs as flat as your shirt!”

    That reminds me of — what else — Jim Gaffigan!!! Off to find youtube clip……. crap, unable to find anything. I will have to settle for a quote.

    On giving a flask as a gift: “Here, you seem like a drunk on the go. You strike me as needing hard liquor at all times. This would be good for you in your car.”

  2. Oh those were the days…. well I don’t know about the 60’s, but I do remember the days where traveling was not such an ordeal. Yep, those were the days…..

  3. Yet another example of an American culture that is headed in the wrong direction. Can’t even do THIS anymore. These days, as “real men” we proudly sport hand sanitizer.

    Do you think I could get the good folks over at Woodford Reserve interested in some sort of revival?

  4. No man should have to pack his own sauce.

    Personally, I find that the old empty Coke bottle filled with red wine works nicely for sauce-on-the-go as it can be concealed nicely at things like sporting events or county fairs or what not.

  5. Oh my, I can’t even begin to count the ways that flying has changed in addition to those you already mentioned. One “dressed,” and people were polite, and flying was part of the fun of getting to the rest of the adventure. It was not as much of an ordeal as it is now. Now it is just something to be endured so that you can get to Point B. Aacckk! Nice post. July 28, 1967, eh?

  6. Somewhere I still have some of those little forks and spoons with the brown plastic handles from the airlines… and I used to have a bunch of those little bottles of booze they served… man those were the days.

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