Day One

first days of school 2005-2009

They were so excited four years ago.

On Monday, they couldn’t be bothered to pose for a photo before they ran up the street to catch the bus. In fact, they made me promise I would NOT bother them next year with this ridiculous production, the photo-taking. As if it mattered.

Off they went, to catch the bus to middle school. Together. Full of the promise that the new school year holds. Brothers. (And – shhhh! – friends.)

10 thoughts on “Day One

  1. LOVE our boys! And you are an AWESOME mom, despite the surprisingly negative comments you get from unlikely quarters.

    Hey Soup, why don’t you post something else about the Redskins to bring out those farking arsehole trolls who said mean things about you, whose asses I w(c)ould kick in a New York minute, gladly? (Reader(s), I held my tongue – and it’s very much against my nature.)

    Like, talk about page 1 (top) of the Washington Post today.

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