Roasted parsnips, ill-fated commutes, and other random stuff

ParsnipsLast night I  a dream that featured roasted parsnips.  (I know.) I was thinking in the dream, should I add some roasted garlic too, maybe mash ’em up? Do we have any fresh rosemary?  I haven’t made parsnips in a while, maybe a year. I don’t have any in my fridge, begging to be cooked and served to my reluctant family.  (I’m the only one who really likes ’em.) I haven’t even considered buying them recently. Nevertheless, there it is.  I do like to throw them in with some potatoes, yams, maybe a turnip and some carrots – a riot of roasted root vegetables. ‘Tis the season.

* * *

There’s some kind of stomach virus working its way through the youngest members of my family.   Today, I was five stops into my Metro commute when my cell phone buzzed. I recognized the number as my kids’ middle school and knew it must be The Boss.  He tried to tell us this morning that he didn’t feel good and we were all, take a Tufferin and go to school. He lasted 30 minutes. It’s a mild bug, but still, most kids don’t fake throwing up in the school nurse’s office.  I got off the train, hopped on one heading back out, and retrieved my son from school. As we got into the car, I thanked him for trying and even invited him to say “I told you so” if he wanted to. His reply? “That’s okay. I’m not that kind of person.”

* * *

vermont cemeteryAll the chatter in the comments of my recent post about how I feel pulled back to the area where I grew up and might even consider being buried there has me wondering. Do YOU know where you want your body to lay for all eternity? Do you already own a burial plot?  (I hear you can get a good deal one one now – people are selling them because the need the cash.) Have you shared your wishes with your family members, or written them down somewhere?  Do you care if it’s close to other relatives, or convenient so that your survivors can come “visit” you, place flowers on your grave?

I feel like perhaps it would be a good thing to do, to figure this out, discuss it with Soup Husband Curt. It would be helpful info for my survivors to have handy in the event I meet an untimely demise. Or a timely one, but the timely demise, presumably, won’t happen for at least another 40 years…

* * *

So then, here I sit with a sorta-sick 11-year-old. Every day is a gift, but today, it seems I’ve been given the gift of some unplanned time.  I have some laundry to do, I could declutterfy my dining room table (I think there’s a table under all that stuff), prepare a couple of blog posts for later this week… maybe bake some bread, or make some chicken soup? Go buy some parsnips, perhaps?

Tell me what you would do with an unplanned day. Or with parsnips. Or about your plans for your body when the inevitable happens.  Or about a time when you DID say “I told you so!” Or, in the spirit of this post, tell me something completely random.

Go ahead; I’m listening.

17 thoughts on “Roasted parsnips, ill-fated commutes, and other random stuff

  1. I enjoyed an unplanned day with my 10 year old sick yesterday, thankfully with a head cold as opposed to the stomach-bug sort of drama that you’ve been dealing with! Got some laundry done, made a batch of acorn squash curry soup and a nice stir fry for dinner. Without consideration of parsnips.

    My hubs and I are planning on cremation and though we haven’t written down our wishes, we have at least discussed the matter. Recently went through the personal reflection with my mother-in-law’s cancer fight and passing. She declined to utilize the burial plot she had feeling we need to be more friendly to the environment than fillng up open acrage with coffins and gravestones. We’re following her example.

    1. I hadn’t thought about this from an environmental angle… I don’t think of cemeteries as an environmental menace because they’re usually all grassy with trees and a quiet space, sometimes in the midst of a town or other busy area. And in rural PA, there’s oodles of land, so it’s not like someone would otherwise be growing yet more crops on the particular plot of which I’m thinking…

      I like the idea of ashes, think a marker is important, and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

  2. No sick kids, no kids and its times like this I am sure I am not missing out on anything …

    I am not an ‘I told you so’ person but I do a great ‘oh yeah’ look that can also work for ITYS instances.

    ToonMan aka Husband wants to be cremated but I am not sure what I want … I know we dont have cemetery plots tho my dad did offer to buy us and my sister some .. we declined…

  3. I am the only one in my family who likes root vegetables. Well, other than carrots, potatoes, and beets. Your parsnips, your turnips, your rutabagas? I can’t find a way to cook them that anyone will eat them.

    I always love to either cook, bake, or clean with unexpected time at home. Redd up the table and put some soup on. Maybe bread too.

    1. Have you tried cutting them into small dice, toss with olive oil, salt & pepper, some dried rosemary – roast in the oven till tender. Sometimes if you hide the obscure ones in with the pedestrian potatoes, they’ll taste ’em.

      Bread dough in the machine, laundry started, and several blog posts written and scheduled to run later this week. Now, to tackle that table…

  4. I am home 2nd day in a row with little A… I too have tried to send her to school with meds on board. lol. She has strep throat now. It’s good you caught that phone call, sometimes Doug and I both miss the call.

    1. Hope A is feeling better soon… it was good I got the call before I got the whole way downtown. I was actually with Curt, so we were able to decide on the spot which one of us turned around and which one continued on into the city.

  5. Meg, I tried that exact thing, to no avail. Well, minus the rosemary. I was sure everyone would love them roasted.

    Sounds like your day is going reasonably well.

  6. Wow, so many things to comment on but am happy (of course!) to throw in my two cents…

    Never in my life have I had parsnips….have no idea why. Can’t recall my family ever eating them. Are they like a potato?

    I am currently the only one of four in my house NOT sick (for a change). One kid and husband out of commission yesterday. Other kid called me from school today and drove herself home (knew we bought her that used car for reasons other than taking her sister to soccer practice!). Currently taking Vitamin C, washing my hands like crazy, and trying not to be the germ magnet that I normally am. Oh and just the cold/sore throat variety, not the throwing up…sorry for you on that, Meg.

    Even with having cancer last year, I have never thought about where I would be buried if I died. Have no idea, and I appreciate you bringing that up and will discuss with the husband!

    And the unplanned day off…what’s that?! Oh wait, I had those last year with cancer. Not a good memory for me. Give me a good ol’ jam-packed day of soccer practice, back-to-school night and squeezing in dinner somewhere amongst that. :)

    1. Parsnips are kinda like a carrot, with zing. Maybe a bitter carrot. But if you roast them, they’re pretty tasty. I wouldn’t want to eat a lot of ’em, but I like them in combination with other root veggies.

      Glad you are keeping busy!

  7. Meg – toss in some sugar along with the salt on those roasted root vegetables ( I do parsnips, turnips, sweet potatoes, and something else I’m forgetting – oh carrots – quarter them, put them in a bowl with olive oil, salt and sugar, pop them in a hot oven and wait for the goodness to be done.)

    Hope your boy is feeling better soon and that the stuff doesn’t spread….

  8. Since I’ve already shared my preferences on cremation/burial, I’ll go to the parsnips thing. I always liked them the way your Grandma Losch made them , i.e., candied, just like sweet potatoes. I know it’s a pedestrian way to do them; nevertheless, it remains my favorite, maybe because it reminds me of my mother when I eat them. Certainly I think of her often, but she comes to mind especially when I eat parsnips.

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