Wordless Wednesday

This is the lake that’s centrally located in our neighborhood.  One would never guess that in the midst of suburbia, three miles from three grocery stores, several fast-food joints, and a handful of gas stations, there are 25 acres tucked away for the private use of those who are in the know.


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Anybody know the difference between a lake and a pond? Area? Depth? The dictionary I used (couldn’t find anything on Google) said a lake was a body of water of considerable size, and that a pond was smaller than a lake. When does a lake stop being a lake and become a pond? Hmmmmmm?

  2. A pond is shallower and has plants growing all the way across the bottom. This usually means a lake is larger in size but not necessarily. So a lake stops being a lake when plants can grow all the way across the bottom of the lake. At least this is what I remember from my freshwater ecology class in college.

    1. Sarah, I’ve always wondered that… we call this a “lake” but it seems more like a pond to me, in size, anyway. Especially when you think of, like, the Great Lakes or Raystown Lake or any number of biggies.

      Who says you can’t learn something valuable by reading my blog?

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