Ode to Target

Target-Logo-copy The contents of my Target shopping basket tonight, along with the rationale for each purchase:

  • One bottle of kids' Gummy-vitamins (fills the gaps)
  • One bottle of Fiber-gummies (for the kid who won't go potty)
  • Brown eye shadow (replaces one that's more than 2 years old)
  • Burt's Bees facial night creme (bringing in the big guns)
  • Revlon Foundation (I've yet to find the perfect hue)
  • Panti-liners (because. Just because.)
  • A 3-pack of black underwear (because! Just because!)
  • Two pairs of headphones (to replace the ones I loaned to my son, which he then lost) (on sale, half price)
  • A black V-neck sweater (can you ever have too many black sweaters?)
  • A red drapey scarf (matches my red Wellies)
  • One bagged Caesar salad kit (to go with tonight's dinner)
  • A Greek yogurt (strawberry) (have you tried this stuff? Soooo creamy)
  • One box of Toaster Strudel (kids' request)
  • Crest sparkly kids' toothpaste (also, kids' request)
  • One empty spray bottle (you never know when you'll need one of these)

Thank you, Target, for being the store where I can buy a Bagged Salad and a Black Sweater, all on the same trip.

11 thoughts on “Ode to Target

  1. Yes, it is something, that place. Thankfully the nearest one is an hour away otherwise I’d just sign my paycheck over.
    The closest thing we have to an all-in-one in Mathews is Dollar General, where you can load up on fifty cent hot sauce, two dollar drawers, a pack of nabs, fake crocs (aka frocs) and a santa clause soap dispenser all under the same roof–and for under ten bucks.
    The spray bottle has to do with the black underwear, the black sweater and the red scarf, doesn’t it? When is your anniversary again?

  2. ONe of the worst things about our 6 month exile in PA was that it was an hour to the nearest Target. Of course after we moved away, they built one less than 30 mins from where I lived, in an area I often passed through. Figgers. I’ll choose Target over Wal-Mutant any day!

  3. Love Target! Wish I had one closer to where I live. I can’t get my facial cream at Target, though. I use Hope in a Jar (by Philosophy). It is awesome.

  4. OMG….I wne thter eSunday – to look for a new baby gate – no not a new baby…my toddler nieces are coming from CA for 2 weeks and the baby/dog gate is on it’s final latch….
    and 2 hours later had ‘finished’ 2 family members, got household items such as you did, and contact solution ($3 cheaper!) – a total of 39 items spent less than $300.00!!!
    Good thing I don’t have time to go there, and my sitter doesn’t like to drive there or I’d be signing over my paychcheck to – it just ahs an aura – you know Tar-jay….better than the bad walmart people and who knows….just better….
    love you MEG M!

  5. Ok…I just finished my second Christmas trip to Tarjeez…..pronounced TAR-GJAY….
    and I am so proud to report that 2 trips, a few mindless hours, and about $500 later – I am done with about 75% of my shopping list….today it was the stocking stuffers and a few electronics…. and other household things I must have…..
    Yeah Target!

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