Maybe January isn’t so bad after all.

We're just back from having spent a long weekend at Eagle Rock Resort located just outside of gray dirty scenic Hazleton, Pennsylvania. (Thanks, Aunt Anne & Uncle Bob!) The Resort's main selling point in winter is skiing and tubing, and that's exactly what we did on Saturday, and again on Monday. I'll let the photos do most of the talking (hover over each for a quick caption):

Peezer in the tubing line. This is right before he peed his pants, which happened when he said he had to go, then changed his mind.
Peezer in the lift line.

Peezer riding up the tube lift. Note the complete lack of snow on the ramp. 

Peezer riding up on the lift.

The tubing hill. Why no pictures of actual skiing, you ask? Because Soup doesn't ski, that's why. 

The tubing hill, where Peezer and I spent most of Saturday.

Daddy and Peezer
Daddy and Peezer.

On Sunday, the weather forecast promised cold rain, and delivered exactly as promised. Not ones to be deterred by such abysmal hideous adverse conditions, we all piled into the Suburban and set off to explore the greater Hazleton area, via a geocaching expedition. And it was all

GC burb parked

…and all

Weeds and moss

…and all

Wet curt

…and is this reminding you of any other Soup Family Vacations that involved outdoor activities during torrential rain? Oh, yes, that's right –

Curt when wet 

click here to read about crabbing in the rain in North Carolina last year.

…but the Best Trooper Award goes to Peezer, who marched through slush and mud and weeds and moss to locate all the geocaches –

Easy finds a geocache

…because he scored some sweet swag for his efforts.

Eagle Rock Weekend 2010 056

After the cold and wet excursion, we settled back into our comfy digs, built a fire, poured some wine, watched some football, and played Qwirkle, which the kids really liked:

Easy plays Qwirkle

Come back tomorrow for two bonus photos from our Coal Country Weekend.

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