A girl’s view from her room

Many of you know I grew up on a farm in rural south-central Pennsylvania. When I was but two years old, my parents left the nice suburban home they had built near Harrisburg and moved to what my mother often characterized as her "Green Acres" move. (Kids, click the link, or just ask your parents. … Continue reading A girl’s view from her room

Area McDonalds Causes Harried Mom to Lose her Shit

If I were to tally all the time I've spent idling and inching in fast food drive-thru lanes, I would probably be ashamed to disclose the total. Suffice it to say, I'm a frequent flyer. I have the menus of several franchises completely memorized. I've conducted more than my share of transactions without ever leaving … Continue reading Area McDonalds Causes Harried Mom to Lose her Shit

Did someone say “lunch?”

Because my weekly consulting schedule takes me to three different clients, I only get to my employer's office every four to six weeks. The only downfall of this arrangement, so far, has been the fact that I am not well acquainted with the microwave oven in my employer's office. Last week, my unfamiliarity caused me … Continue reading Did someone say “lunch?”