An April Fool

I HAVE ALWAYS HATED April Fool's Day. I fear being made the butt of some joke, of having others laugh at my expense. Even as a young girl, I tended to look on this day with dread, owing to no particular trama that I can recall. By college, my then-boyfriend must have smelled my fear, because he used to try to trick me all the time. He would tell me preposterous things, and I would believe him because why wouldn't I? He loved me, right? And then he would revel in my naivete, how unsuspecting I was. Much like the adults in The Boy Who Cried Wolf, I quickly turned into a skeptic and believed nothing he told me. And of course he wondered why.

# # #

It's Bike Week at Peezer's daycare. The kids were asked to bring bikes and leave them there so they could ride them around in the enclosed outdoor playspace. On Monday, we brought in Peezer's awesome birthday bike – the Tony Hawk version with training wheels, two handbrakes, a pedal brake, AND pegs so he can do daring feats – and he was a happy camper. Until yesterday, when I went to pick him up. He announced that he wanted to take off the training wheels NOW PLEASE MOMMY! So I brought the bike along home. But as it happened, Curt was out and when Mama's playing Zone Defense, 1-on-3, nothing happens but the essentials.

Of course this morning, Peezer was all WHY DID YOU FORGET TO TAKE OFF MY TRAINING WHEELS? An explanation of learning how to ride a bike fell on deaf, still-determined little ears, as did promises of making it all happen this weekend.

Then it was time to leave, and in the morning rush of breakfast and gummy vitamins and which stuffed animals to bring and jackets and juice and socks and shoes and MOMMY'S COFFEE, I forgot to load the bike back into the car. Which of course neither of us realized until we were walking into the center, when Peezer says, quietly, "Mommy? Did we remember my bike?"

We. I love that. He's already practicing his passive-aggressive technique.

Unfortunately, today was a day where I did not have the luxury of spending an extra 20 minutes going back home to get the bike. Tuesday, I could have. Today, I had to get to DC. So I left one very disappointed child, lip quivering, who would not even be consoled by two cute girls in his class offering to share their bikes with him.

I rationalized making myself feel better by saing that hey – kids need to learn to remember things. And, they need to learn how to deal with disappointment, right? Because life is full of disappointments! And what better way to begin learning that Life Lesson than in the relative safety of this low-gravity situation. Right?

Right. But I'm still feelin' like the April Fool today.


4 thoughts on “An April Fool

  1. Oh no, how awful for both of you actually. As you say, there’s definitely a lesson in there for him. But still. Blech. I’d feel awful.
    And after awful comes the anger and blame phase. Lugging a bike to daycare? What if you only drove a VW and didn’t have the luxury of a vehicle that could tote a bike? Do they have any idea what it’s like to deal with kids and a job and a commute and everything else?
    In conclusion: The daycare is to blame.
    This is my twisted logic, which also comes with a free glass of wine.

  2. CBW, I always count on you for out-of-the-box thinking. I feel better! Now please, pass that wine over here, would ya? THANKS.

  3. Awwwwww — he’ll be over it as soon as one of the kids with a bike sans training wheels lets him ride…and that’s a whole other episode, I’m sure. Our bikes still have training wheels, by the way. Bad Mommy.
    Don’t bogart the wine, Soup.

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