He is Risen! Pass the Peeps.

Peep Easter Morning dawns bright and sunny Chez Soup. The boys are rooting through the spoils left behind by the Easter Bunny. Peace and harmony reign; they're all getting along so great in this moment and I'm enjoying their giggles because this is so rare these days.

That careless Easter Bunny must have had a hole in his jellybean bag because there was a trail of them all the way from the front door (the one we never use) leading in to the baskets (s)he left by the fireplace.

In a bonus appearance by a legendary childhood leaver of gifts, the Tooth Fairy left a golden dollar under The Boss's pillow. Because he lost a molar at some point last night, but forgot to tell us until a couple of hours later. You'd think a kid would notice a bloody, gaping hole in his mouth and report it immediately to his parents… but you would be wrong.

As we get ready for a day of church and friends and fellowship, I'd like to wish you and yours a happy Easter. And because I need to leave the house in, like 15 minutes, I'm recycling posts:

Last year I got my dander up about an "egg-themed picnic" for the kids. But shhh, don't say the E-word.

Buried deep inside this post about mixed-up theology includes mention of the unusual setting for our Easter Egg hunts when I was growing up.

Lastly, you know we're all about classy here. Proof positive in this photograph from last year's Easter dinner table.

One thought on “He is Risen! Pass the Peeps.

  1. The fireplace is exactly where our Easter Bunny leaves baskets too, but instead of a trail of jelly beans there’s chocolate wrappers. The real shame came when one of the hollow chocolate bunnies broke (OK, I left it in the back of the car and it melted). Still tasted good.

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