I don't have enough words to express what a perfectly fantastic weekend this has been, weather-wise. When you look in the dictionary on Wikipedia to find the definition of Spring, there is a picture of my back yard. Well, maybe there isn't. But I did take some pictures around patio on Sunday:

What's that I hear you saying? Something about me not being a gardener? Well, you're right. I'm not. You're thinking of last year's green-thumb fiasco which I documented right here.  Last year, I thought I would throw some seeds into some dirt and would be blessed with bunches of fresh-grown herbs. Then it rained and I learned the hard way what happens when you don't poke drainage holes in the bottom of your pots.

But I am a slow learner undeterred. This year, I got smart and bought the plants already started and stuck them in some dirt. Because really, who has time to watch seeds grow anyway? I still have hopes of making pitchersful of mojitos with mint from my very own garden pots on the patio. Stay tuned.

Then, there are these fun things, scored from the shelves of one of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx:

Cattail lanterns
They are supposed to be cattails, but I just liked the colored glass. The only problem is, they are only about three feet tall when you stick 'em in the ground. I may end up relocating them to the herb pots, which are sitting on a bench.  I may also end up going back to buy the other two colors because I think they would just scream conflagration "PARTY!" when bunched together. Because it ain't a party unless the fire department shows up.

Lastly, Sunday was a fantastic day to be a cat. Well, who are we kidding? Every day is a good day if you're a cat because cats nap.

Chuckie April 2010
There's old Chuckie, catching a snooze in the full sunlight hitting our back steps. Kinda made me want to curl up right next to him.

Tomorrow's post will feature more outdoor excitement from this glorious weekend.

7 thoughts on “Patio

  1. I’m jealous! Here, it’s been pretty to look at but quite cool. Not container planting weather!! (As if any nurseries were open yet. We are not supposed to plant stuff until late May in this zone.)

  2. Ok, I don’t know what in the world happened, but I swear I commented on this last night or this morning or some time. I know i didn’t dream it.
    In any case, the comment had to do with you letting me know when the next batch of mojitos was being whipped up, because I’ll be there in a heart beat.
    Can’t see the video of your little one, but hope he made out OK. There’s nothing like the look of combined terror and glee when they first realize they’re doing it.

  3. Makes me think of that 1/2 acre garden from our past, with both wistfulness and relief. Loved those fresh vegetables, hated all the work. Nothing smells like summer like a freshly picked bean or tomato.

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