Pomp and Circumstance

LAST FRIDAY, Peezer achieved a milestone: He moved the tassel and just like that, he “graduated” from preschool.  The teacher in charge really made a big deal out of it – a bit over the top, maybe, but the kids ate it up and it was really super-cute. They were all

Preschool graduation 005 
….and all

Preschool graduation 010
…and all

Preschool graduation 021
 …and the mamas were all

Preschool graduation 035
…and the family was all

Preschool graduation 031

I kept my weeping to a minimum, but there were a couple of moments where I got choked up. I bawled like a baby at Seth’s “graduation” – I guess because he was my first. With Peezer, I experienced a touch of melancholy, because he’s my last. We are beginning a series of “last” milestones: The last first day of kindergarten, the last loss of primary teeth, the last insert-important-milestone-here.

Also, our last days at this daycare center are upon us. Peezer will be there through the summer, so it’s not goodbye yet.  The teachers he has had along the way have really been great. In fact, these wonderful ladies

Preschool graduation 033
…were also The Boss’s teachers, seven years ago! So yeah, there’s a little bit of sadness mixed in with the joy and celebration. Even though I’ll be happy not to write that check every week.

So, congratulations, Peezer! Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you. Now, you’d better get busy working on your resume and applying for internships, and what have you arranged for a summer job, young man? We’ll not have you sitting around on your butt all day every day for ten weeks…

4 thoughts on “Pomp and Circumstance

  1. Oh, he’s so cute and he looks so much like you.
    These things are so bittersweet. Time is just flying by and it’s not slowing down at all, it’s getting faster.
    Congratulations to the graduate!

  2. Too stinkin’ cute! Pre-School Graduation is a HUGE deal in these parts;)
    Have a glass of wine for (with) me on June 19. I will NOT be feeling melancholy, I will be bawling my ever-lovin’ eyes out! I’ll save the melancholy for the first day of college… GAH!

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