Beauty inside

Farm doors

Click to “embiggen” this collage of doors. These are photos I took at one of our tour stops in King and Queen County, Virginia. The white is the farmhouse, and the red is the barn.

These shots remind me that even though I might be sprouting invasive vines aging, I still have plenty to give and to share. And, if you take the time to look beyond my wrinkles and sags and frumpy wardrobe oh, who am I kidding extra weight, there’s beauty inside. It’s all in your viewpoint. We should all be so forgiving when we look at each other.

I’m working on a recap of the Chesapeake Blogfest weekend – It’s taking longer than I’d like because I’m still unpacking of my paying job. Also, I don’t want to just throw something up here – I want it to be good. And it may not end up being all that good, but you’ll know I’ve tried, anyway. Won’t you?

GAH. I’m not making sense. Must be bedtime.

10 thoughts on “Beauty inside

  1. Beautiful post from a beautiful woman…inside and out. I’m still bemoaning the fact that I wasn’t there this year. Maybe sometime before mid-October, the Gabster and I will take a mini mommy and daughter road trip and his the mid-Atlantic area and collect on some hugs that are long overdue!

  2. Take the time you need, Miss Meg. I just got home a few hours ago, with company coming tomorrow and my job in the morning. It’s writing itself in my brain and will emerge with feathers when it’s damn good and ready. : )
    p.s. Love those doors. Good eye and lovely collage.

  3. One of the best things about Blog Fest is that wrinkles, sags, frumpy wardrobes and bulging middles are either ignored or celebrated. Yee Haw! Miss you Meg-a-licious! Kisses!

  4. Thank you ALL for your comments! And to you, MLM, for the reading recommendation. Can’t wait to dig in. BHE, thank YOU for sharing this with the rest of us!

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