Twelve years ago

TWELVE YEARS AGO TODAY, I dropped a two year old at daycare, checked into the hospital, and just before midnight, THE BOSS came into this world, turning our little family of three into a bigger family of four.

Boss shots
Boss is the middle child, and while I have baby and toddler photos galore (though not at my fingertips as I write this), I don’t have enough recent photos of just him. (I’m going to work on that.)

Boss is given to staying under the radar – but he’s happy there.  Today, I can see glimpses of the man he’s about to become. Still, he retains plenty of his “kidness.” He still lets me hug him, and he hugs back (he has always given the best hugs). He still has the same tickle spot he had as a baby (under his arms). And he still replies, loud enough for me to hear, “I love you, too.”

He has a hilarious sense of humor – he’s fun to be around. He is a good friend to his buddies, and he’s a really good big brother to Peezer. And even though it was time for Seth and the Boss to have separate rooms, I’ve heard them talking into the night during these relaxed summer weeks. Seth would never admit it, but they really are buddies.

Hey, Boss – Happy Birthday! I’m so glad I get to be your mom!

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