THIS LITTLE BABY... ...goes to high school This little baby... ...goes to middle school And this little baby... goes to kindergarten...   and THIS little baby... ...can barely fathom how it can possibly be that her own three little babies are now all in school, because wasn't she just a school student herself, not all … Continue reading Babies

Nom nom nom

PERHAPS YOU HEARD THE NEWS this week about the new microbes in the Gulf that are consuming what's left of the dispersed oil that resulted from BP's "spill" there. [Aside: When I think of a "spill" I usually think of a small quantity, maybe eight ounces, enough that can be sopped up with a few … Continue reading Nom nom nom

The Goodbye Girl

I HATE GOODBYES. I'm not good at them, especially the ones that I know are of the "permanent" variety. They can be awkward, wrenching, painful. Sad, even. More often than not, they make me cry. And I am not a pretty crier.I tend to avoid goodbyes if I can. I have left more than one … Continue reading The Goodbye Girl