Nom nom nom

PERHAPS YOU HEARD THE NEWS this week about the new microbes in the Gulf that are consuming what’s left of the dispersed oil that resulted from BP’s “spill” there. [Aside: When I think of a “spill” I usually think of a small quantity, maybe eight ounces, enough that can be sopped up with a few paper towels. To call what happened in the Gulf a “spill” is such an understatement.]

Yes, we have some hungry, hungry bacteria down there in the cold depths of the Gulf of Mexico, chowing down on what must be, to them, an all-you-can-eat buffet:


I picture it something like this:

Buggy buffet

But here’s my real concern. So these microbes, these bacteria, they eat and they eat and they eat and then they eat some more, and what happens? Do they grow and grow and become supersized? Do they sprout fins, or arms, and develop rudimentary organs? BRAINS, even? Do they conspire with the cockroaches to take over the world?

In solving one problem, are we potentially causing another?

This is why why I take a Benadryl many nights to ensure sleep.

6 thoughts on “Nom nom nom

  1. I hear ‘big spill’ and then that ridiculous jingle starts running around in my head (where, to be honest, there’s enough space for it to invite friends and dance a polka)..”Bounteeeeee, the quickerpickerupper”.
    Now, thanks Meg, it’s in there like an earworm and won’t leave.

  2. Examples of SPILL
    I accidentally spilled coffee all over my new suit.
    Clean up the flour you spilled on the floor.
    a puddle of spilled water.
    Water spilled over the dam.
    She opened the door and light spilled into the room.
    an interviewer who gets celebrities to spill their secrets
    Come on, spill it. Who gave you the money?
    BP must be on Benadryl!

  3. Great. Now that is all I can think about!! Nom nom nom is one of my teenager daughters favorite phrases, to imitate eating something. She is thrilled there is a Nom nom truck in the Food Truck Race show on the food network!

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