Eyes on the ground

I NOTICED SOMETHING QUIRKY about the sidewalks in Milwaukee. Many of the concrete blocks were stamped with an identifying marker that included a year and, sometimes, the name of the company that poured the concrete. Once I noticed them, I couldn't stop looking at them and – alas – photographing them. Despite the eye rolls and snickers from my companions, I continued snapping shots because I thought they'd make a cool collage.  Click to enlarge.

Concrete stamp collage 


2 thoughts on “Eyes on the ground

  1. Had you seen any that Greg Fried did, it would have said “Bowmanite.” He has done a ton of those things, the latest of which is the memorial at Schenksville, the Flight 93 memorial. He also covers the piers of bridges, like those you can see while at dinner at the Rock Bass Restaurant in Wormleysburg, PA.

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