Weekend in PA

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND for us was a mix of longstanding traditions and new experiences.  We began our favorite weekend of the year with our traditional Thursday morning drive north, complete with all 18 minutes of Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant. Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving unless my kids suffer through this tradition! After a fantastic mid-day dinner at my … Continue reading Weekend in PA

Giving Thanks

I AM THANKFUL FOR my parents, my husband, my three sons, Jesus, my job, my friends, my extended family, my neighborhood, my church, my bed, electricity, indoor plumbing, cell phones, the Internet, wifi, Santa Claus, Chuckie the cat (God rest his feline soul), and yes, even Mac the big, fat, hairy Golden Retriever with the … Continue reading Giving Thanks


WHEN I TELL THE STORY OF HOW I STOPPED EATING SHRIMP, I usually start with a question: Have you ever had to choose whether to sit on the toilet or vomit into it? Oh sure, it's funny, but I use comedy to obscure my disappointment. The story ends with me swearing off shrimp and scallops, … Continue reading Lobster