Giving Thanks

I AM THANKFUL FOR my parents, my husband, my three sons, Jesus, my job, my friends, my extended family, my neighborhood, my church, my bed, electricity, indoor plumbing, cell phones, the Internet, wifi, Santa Claus, Chuckie the cat (God rest his feline soul), and yes, even Mac the big, fat, hairy Golden Retriever with the best disposition EVER, and wine.

I am also thankful for my ability to make something out of practically nothing in the kitchen, corrective lenses, stretch denim, clogs, the changing seasons, my voice and my cheeky sense of humor, my ability to almost always make lemonade out of lemons, the Suburban, dark chocolate, the ability to choose – and wine.

Also: my health and that of my family, indoor plumbing, baby wipes, Clorox wipes, vacuum cleaners, leaf blowers, my gas grill, my butcher block kitchen island, popcorn, pizza, this here blog, my Blisters (you know who you are), Karma, coffee, traditions, history, Pennsylvania, friends from forever ago and brand-new friends from this year, hops, perfect pitch, perspective, and wine.

I am overwhelmed with how much I have to be thankful for.  Really – how could anybody be half as fortunate as we? (Extra points if you know the musical from which I plucked that line) I'm blessed beyond all measure. I'm grateful to my ancestors for everything they did in order to make life easier for those who followed after them.

To all the awesome people who live in my computer (especially those whom I've been privileged to meet IRL), I extend to you my sincerest wishes for happiness and contentment and health and gratitude for all you've been blessed with this Thanksgiving. May you continue to experience blessings beyond measure in the coming year so that you in turn may be a blessing to others!

5 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. I did not see Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Since they weren’t on the list, I’m only guessing you haven’t used them. They would HAVE to be on your list if you had! :) This was nice to read. Thanks again for joining my FB page!

  2. Kelley – it’s only because I don’t think to reach for them – but now that you mention it, I have some walls that could really benefit from a swipe of a Magic Eraser. This week, I promise!

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