New Year, New Look

CHECK IT OUT! Soup Is Not A Finger Food has a brand-new look! And it's all because I was lucky enough to win a contest hosted by the uber-talented Marcy Massura. (You see what happens when you read blogs? You can win stuff!)

Anyway, I left a comment on her funny, funny blog, The Glamorous Life, which earned me a chance to win Marcy's mad design skillz in the form of a new blog header. For free! And not only did she do that, she also gave me some pointers on color schemes and organizing my space here and all kinds of other stuff. Because she's awesome like that.

Along with the new header, I've tried to tidy up the info over there, on the right. I added a new "About Me" page, too. (Link is below the ads.) I took away the blogroll, but fear not, I'm going to re-add it on a whole different page. Coming soon. I promise.

My hope is that with a fresh new design, I might become re-inspired to post more often.  Regardless, I love the new look and would like to thank Marcy for rigging the random number generator to choose me. Kidding! I'm sure my desperate plea and sorry state of my blog had nothing to do with it. 

10 thoughts on “New Year, New Look

  1. IT’S PERFECT! Marcy has a knack for teasing out the look that fits your blog’s personality and sense of humor. This is a great look and Marcy is a design genius. Bet she did it in a day, too, am I right? She’s FAST!

  2. Foolery, she did it in, like, 17 minutes and 33 seconds. She’s a whiz, and a genius too, because I gave her very little to go on. Thanks again Marcy!

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