Shop much?

HERE'S WHAT I'M WEARING TODAY. Call it the Meg Uniform:

Brown trousers. Bass Outlet. I remember wearing them before I got pregnant with my Peezer, who just turned 6 years old, so they date back to 2003.

Black Sensible Work Shoes. Also purchased at the Bass Outlet, also predate the pregnancy. Probably 8 years old.

Black ribbed turtleneck. Target Couture. Impulse buy. This is its third winter.

Gray wool coat. Nordstrom Rack. I remember buying a hat to match it during a business trip to Montreal, when I was pregnant, so it’s from 2003-2004.  Or before.

Navy blue wool hat. London Fog outlet, which was near Lock Haven PA but closed at least 10 years ago. Probably more.

Black, brown and gray striped neck scarf. Matches the ensemble perfectly. I filched it from the lost and found box at the ice skating rink, five years ago.

My gawd, I have got to go shopping this decade year!

4 thoughts on “Shop much?

  1. Now you sound like me. The clothes I have that are NOT a million years old are almost exclusively thrift store buys (like the cable-knit Izod sweater and Gap jeans I am wearing right now).

  2. I don’t like pants; they don’t fit. My uniform is black leggings, brown Uggs, long skinny grey sweater, and a long skinny black parka that I bought in 2003. I remember James Davis making a gentle joke when I couldn’t button the parka while pregnant with Mimi. Also the same dang reddish brown (splash of color) H&M scarf I’ve been wearing since 2002. Lately, I’ve noticed that my older daughter has begun wearing essentially the same thing.

  3. Daisy- I don't own skinny ANYTHING, and I fear Uggs would make my feet and legs look even stockier than they do now. But your point is well taken – we all have our uniforms! I remember mocking my mom for wearing a lot of brown, but now I rock the brown almost every day.
    I think one of the ironies of being an adult is, assuming your body stays basically the same size, you don't outgrow clothes like you did when you were a kid. Thus, unless it wears out, you can in fact continue wearing the same jeans from the late '90s or that sweater you loved in college until you pack up for the assisted living facility.

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