4 thoughts on “Scorched Earth

  1. OMYGOSH Meg, that is really scary. The Lord works in mysterious ways, there was a reason you were not at home. Glad that everybody is OK. Things can be replaced, people can’t. Congrats on getting the house cleaned, though!! maria_nj

  2. I second the wow. Were there any houses lost at all? Hope not . . . Our here in Wildfirenia we can take a small measure of comfort knowing that our forests renew themselves, to a degree, with fire. I hope that’s the case there. Most of your mature trees look fine, I think?
    E x h a l e . . . : )

  3. No houses totally lost, though the neighbor two doors up lost his garage, and all of us lost sheds and their contents. The man 3 doors up has an antique clock repair business that was in his back shed. Hope he was insured!  As for the trees, we're going to have an expert come look at 'em. Char is as high as 15-20 feet on some of them, and one that was dead but still standing looks like a candidate to come down asap. Which is OK, as we lost our firewood pile, too…

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