While we’re still dealing with things like this –

Fam room wall 

— we have this loud machine, running 24 x 7, to purify and “desmokify” (isn’t that a word?) the air.

The Boss XL3 
It’s loud, but it works. The air doesn’t smell smoky anymore – at least not upstairs. You pretty much have to trust something called The Boss XL3.

Meanwhile, I guess Mother Nature was tired of black (and isn’t that just her way, that fickle thing), so she decided to change her clothing:

Fresh coat 1 
A nice, fresh coat of white to camouflage the charred remains of my yard.

Yesterday, a cleaning crew wiped down our walls and ceilings and all of our stuff to remove the sooty deposits. We couldn’t see much, but it doesn’t take a lot to make the house smell smoky. It was strange having them all here, so we left… we had a nice lunch out, then we went bowling. Because when the going gets tough… the tough, um, go bowling!

Today, the insurance adjuster comes and tomorrow, DirecTV. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Fresh

  1. Desmokify is definitely a word; it’s a kissing cousin of dejunktify, which I tell my kids to do to their rooms every so often.
    So glad to hear progress is happening and that Mother Nature decided to change things up a bit.

  2. Tell Mama Nature that nobody, I mean NOBODY, should wear white before Memorial Day. But between you and me, it’s a nice improvement. Hang in there!

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