THINGS ARE PROGRESSING with the repairs to our home and property. Finally. We'd signed a work agreement that said the general contractor would begin work "within two weeks" – it was two weeks till they even assigned a job supervisor, five days after that till he visited the site, and four weeks later, work still hadn't begun. I told him I understand our job isn't an emergency, as we're living in the house, but could you just please give us an idea of when you might be starting, given that we've been told nothing?

Early on, we had asked if we could add recessed lighting to the family room, for which we would pay using some of the money for a section of fence we weren't replacing, and the rest of which we'd pay out of pocket. Well, the job supervisor offered, by way of apology, to do the lights without us having to pay for it. Apology accepted! And now, I have something I've been wanting to add to the room for years:

(Apologies for the photo quality. I snapped these with my iTouch, which has one of the crappiest cameras ever. My three-year-old cell phone takes better pictures.)

Also, see that? That's paint on our walls. Our entire house has been this numbingly boring color for the past five years, when we had it painted thinking we were going to sell it. So, we're taking advantage of this work to have some color added.  We love our fireplace, but the bricks are the strangest color – hues of pink and blue. They scream Hello! We were born in the '60s! (Of course, so do I, I guess.) We're thinking of painting them, too.

The hole in the wall is gone too, finally – at least inside. I'm told that next week, they'll replace the French doors, at which point they can begin repairing the hardwood floors, as well as the outside / back of the house. I'm not sure why we haven't seen a carpet guy in here yet, and we haven't decided on flooring for the kitchen either. Trying to swing a deal on that, too – we'd like to replace it with something other than hideous sheet vinyl, but that's what we have now, and that's what our allowance is based upon.

Meanwhile, outside, they've finally begun replacing the charred remains of our fence:


It's funny, there's one side of the house we just kind of ignore, outside, because there's no reason to go over there… the fence on that side had been on our list to replace but we'd just kept postponing it. Out of sight, out of mind. Thanks to Mother Nature, our neglect is being rewarded with brand new fencing! (You see? Two wrongs do, sometimes, make a right.)

Speaking of Mother Nature, I've been kind of angry with her, what with our craptastic winter weather and this little blaze that took out my family room and scorched my trees, but you know what? She's sending out little peace offerings. Sure, the shrubbery out back of the house succumbed to the heat and needs to be replaced, but we have a nice patch of ferns growing in front of where we buried the cat, and we can see they're poking their curly little green shoots out of the ground. We have moss instead of grass out back (it's a shady lot), and it's greeing right up, too. And out front, amid the blackened bases of our stately oak trees, we have these:

It looks like we'll need to replace the adjacent patch of pachysandra, but the daffodils are there, as dependable as the arrival of Spring.  (And more dependable than the arrival of the contractors.)

Now, we're just waiting for the leaves to emerge so we can tell which trees are beyond saving. There are a few out back that seem to have suffered significant damage. Which is kind of a bummer, when you live in a neighborhood called "Ancient Oak." Those trees are kind of our thing, y'know?

So, we're getting there. Slowly but surely.


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Looks great! Good deal on the recesed lighting.
    Definitely paint! Paint paint paint. I love colors on the wall – as you know from visiting my house, we hardly have any beige walls at all.
    Love the daffodils.

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